All Sorts of Yummy Things

We made our trip to the pickle farm and came home with enough cucumbers to make more dills and bread and butter pickles. We also bought more blueberries. The dills and the blueberry jam are fairly quick to make so we did them yesterday. The bread and butter pickle making is a long process so we’re doing those today. While they marinate in the fridge for three hours, I can wax Lion, change the bed, vacuum, etc.

Since we were working on pickles and jam, I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain for playing early. I don’t know if I will today either, but we’ll see how it goes. Besides, when I wax Lion, I tend to give him some tugs while I’m in the neighborhood. Today I’m doing his back so he’ll be on his knees for a bit. I love that view. I’m not exactly sure why, but I like when he bends over and his balls are hanging down. It’s just yummy to me. I have to fondle them and my weenie when he’s on his knees. I jerked him off a bit last week when I was working on the front side.

When I started to play with Lion last night, I tied up his balls without getting him excited first. Sometimes this causes a problem. A few weeks ago I made the same mistake and it was disastrous. I couldn’t get him hard. Luckily it wasn’t a problem this time around. Maybe it was because I’d told Lion earlier in the day that I was going to tie his balls. He tends to like looking forward to things. He’ll probably disagree, but I think he even likes when I tell him that Icy Hot or the tiny clothespins are coming. His mind may say no, but Mr. Weenie says yes.

As predicted, he didn’t make it all the way to the edge. He wasn’t interested for a few days after his orgasm and then each of us had tummy trouble. Plus, his beloved cage is broken. My theory is that he’s easier to arouse if he’s locked up. We didn’t make it very far into my experiment before the dog chewed up one part of the cage. Now we are anxiously awaiting its replacement. In the meantime, I’m leaving Lion wild. We can continue the experiment when the new cage arrives.

There was a very short window between Lion having fun and being done. I’m not sure what happens to him, but I can tell when he’s enjoying what I’m doing and then it’s like someone flipped switch. I’m sorry he didn’t make it to the edge because it’s fun to frustrate him, but it’s not a huge disappointment. Sometimes he apologizes. I’m happy as long as he’s enjoying himself. I just find it odd that the switch flips that quickly. I guess I’m thinking it should be more of a gradual decline. Maybe it is, but body language would suggest otherwise. He goes from a sort of tense energy to relaxed in the blink of an eye. I suppose that’s the male mechanism for you. It can jump to attention and back to at ease in no time.

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