I Don’t Know

Any time Lion asks how I feel about punishing him I usually answer him the same way. I don’t know. When he started the Disciplinary Wives Handbook and wondered if I would contribute, I again told him I don’t know. What do I have to say? I’m not an authority on the subject. He says I do it so I have something to say about it. That’s just it; I do it.

just do it. He needs it. I do it. It’s not like I need to do it. Well, I need to do it because he needs it, but I don’t need it in the same way he needs it done. It does nothing for me. He says when he’s annoyed me and I punish him, we’re square. There’s no hard feelings. It’s done. The truth is, as soon as I tell him he’s done something, I’m good. It’s a big step for me to even tell him he’s done something wrong. Maybe that’s why I don’t punish him too.

I know I’m frustrating. He wants me to feel something when I punish him. I do like catching him breaking the silly rules. I do like knowing if I’ve done a good job spanking. A job well done is its own reward. But I don’t get antsy if I haven’t spanked him in a while. My palms don’t itch. I don’t break out in a sweat. I’m fine.

lion's ass
Seeing his bare ass waiting for me to spank it is very intimate.

When we’ve had to suspend play and punishment, we’ve both missed it. I know he needs it. I also know it brings us closer. His presenting his bare ass to me to be spanked is very intimate.

Neither of us wants to end the practice. Even though I get nothing from it, he gets a lot out of it. As much as he grumbles when he’s getting into position, he loves it. And he knows it means I love him. Why else would I be doing it?

I can report about his spankings here and give the blow by blow description (pun intended), but I don’t think I have anything to contribute to a handbook. I think that story has to come from someone who loves doing it as much as Lion loves receiving it.

[Lion — I’m not sure I love being spanked. I think I need it. The emotional fabric of domestic discipline is very complex. I don’t think Mrs. Lion feels nothing. She may not be having fun, but there is something more than just accommodating me. She does say that she likes how intimate it is. I have to agree there.]


  1. Well, it turns out that you two are trying for each other anyway.

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