Not So Sore Butt

Lion informed me that he’d used lotion to soften his buns with the hope that they’d bleed less during his impending punishment. With his being sick for the past few weeks, I forgot all about his lotion regimen. I don’t know if he continued it the whole time or just started again yesterday. Whichever the case, it may or may not have helped.

I decided to spank Lion before I took my shower so he’d have time to recover before we did anything sexual. I guess if I really wanted to separate the punishment from sex, I would have spanked him earlier in the day. However, I’m supposed to be working and I have enough downtime as it is. I didn’t figure I should take more time away to spank him.

Lion’s spanking spoon in action.

I was going to use the bloodwood paddle, but decided against it because the edges are more square than the spoon-shaped paddle I’ve been using. The spoon also has more heft to it. I have a theory that he doesn’t bleed as much with a round-edged paddle. I have no idea if it’s true. I guess I’ll need more experimentation.

This is the second time in a very short span of time that Lion has forgotten to set up the coffee pot. It really doesn’t take very long to do so I don’t mind doing it, but it is a rule. Lion has to learn to follow the rules. In keeping with his idea that punishment for the same offense in a short period of time must be stronger, I whomped harder and longer. I never keep track of how long I spank him. I just go until I think he’s learned his lesson.

To emphasize what rule he’d broken I reminded him just before I started. I’m not sure why he needs this. Can’t he remember which rule he broke? He doesn’t break that many. The one time he was being punished for more than one, I stopped and announced that the beating would begin for infraction number two. Generally, he doesn’t have more than one rule broken at a time. And given the fact that I was punishing him within hours of breaking it, shouldn’t he know? But he’s told me in the past that it’s more poignant if I tell him. Maybe it’s like being in front of a judge when they read the charges. It’s so much worse to hear them out loud.

So I set about swatting him and he was squirming and yelping right from the beginning. I don’t think he exaggerates so I believe it really did hurt. I just can’t figure out why. I thought I started off not hitting so hard. Judging from his response and the fact that his buns were red almost immediately, I guess I was hitting hard. I wonder if the paddle is harsher than I thought. Next time I’ll try the bloodwood paddle to see if there’s much difference.

From the looks of his butt, I’d think he had some bruising. Toward the end, he started bleeding from one little spot. Sometimes I stop at that point, but since it was his second offense, I kept going. You’d think he’d be sore today. I don’t think he is. [Lion — I’m not.] I’ll need to improve my technique. I don’t care so much about bruising him. I just want him to feel it the next day. Maybe that means I do have to bruise him, but I don’t think so. I’ve spanked him hard enough for him to feel it the next day without leaving a bruise. Oh well. If I didn’t get my message across, I’m sure he’ll be forgetting the coffee pot again relatively soon.


  1. He seems to be forgetting about the coffee pot on purpose)

  2. Author

    I admit, sometimes I wonder. But I don’t think he would break a rule intentionally. From his response, I think he really forgot.

  3. I think it more important to punish him for interrupting—you seem to let that happen with only growling being the consequence!

    1. Most of the time she doesn’t even snarl. She told me she is working on this.

    2. Author

      I did whomp him recently for interrupting but, in all fairness, he was already due a punishment. I don’t know if I would have whomped him if it wasn’t an add on.

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