Coffee Camera

Lion has a series of eye drops that he needs every day. He takes more at night than in the morning. One of them is every other day. I have a hard time remembering if I gave him that one yesterday or is it supposed to be given today. We’ll have to work out a way to keep track. Apparently Lion needs a way to keep track of things too. This morning he told me it was punishment day. I thanked him for remembering. However, when I went to make breakfast, the coffee pot was still in pieces in the dish drainer. Oops. He says he was positive he put it together.

*BUZZ* Nope. Sorry.

As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that the simplest thing he could do would be to put one of our cameras in the kitchen facing the coffee pot. That way he could check on himself without actually venturing into the kitchen. We have a camera facing the yard, but I guess the window glass doesn’t allow it to work correctly. We could take that camera and point it at the coffee pot. Anytime he wonders if he did it, he can check it out. Then the only obstacle is remembering to check it.

A camera to look at the coffee pot might seem silly, but we used to have a camera watching the washer and dryer. In the house we moved out of last year, the laundry room was in the basement. You couldn’t always hear the end signal. And they were fairly quiet machines. I’d go down to see if it was done and there’d be five minutes left. We jokingly refer to washer and dryer minutes as football minutes. You know, when five minutes on the game clock last another half-hour because of time outs or commercial breaks. So we set up a camera to avoid running downstairs when it wasn’t time. That’s what made me think of the coffee camera.

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll whomp his cute little tush, but he’ll have some sore buns by bedtime. Since it’s his second offense in a short time, I can either swat him harder or longer. Or both. I haven’t decided which way to go yet, but if Lion’s smart he’ll put that coffee pot together for tomorrow and get that camera set up. I’ve done all I can to help him. It’s on him now.

[Lion — Good idea using a camera. I feel that might be cheating. Shouldn’t I learn to do this without visual aids?]

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  1. Use of technology is not cheating, in my opinion. You still have to remember to look at it (unless you set it up as a picture in picture on your TV).

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