Fizzled Out

Our storm took a turn to the west so we wound up with almost no wind, just rain. I’m not complaining at all. I’d much rather be prepared for the worst and have nothing happen. Now we have less to do for the next storm which usually blows through in a month or so.

Since we could get out yesterday morning, we grabbed things from the store and then came home to wait for the wind. We hurried to do laundry in case the power went out. Lion worked on his new shock collar so we could put Velcro on it. Well, so I could put Velcro on it. Every time I sat down from putting laundry in the washer or moving it from washer to dryer, Lion said the collar was ready when I was. Hint, hint. Are we going to play like you said? Hint, hint. So I’d get up and sew the Velcro on his shock collar or move laundry from washer to dryer or whatever other chore we thought of. I had to pair the shock collar with my phone; then with my iPad. All the running up and down stairs, combined with the late airport run, had me sort of wiped out. My knee was starting to hurt and I just wanted to sit down. Time to fold the laundry.

Finally Lion went to take a shower and then make dinner. Between all the chores, we didn’t play like I said we probably would. I’d envisioned a yucky, windy, rainy day with no power and nothing to do but play. Instead I was running from the time we got up. Whenever I sat down, I’d grab my iPad. That’s how I relax. Not that I got much time to relax. I thought anyone would see there was not going to be an afternoon of play when we’re sewing and doing laundry, etc. I’m not saying Lion was being unreasonable. He was going by what I said, which is that we’d have nothing to do but play when the storm came and the power was out. Even if I say maybe, he expects to play. I can’t really fault him for that. He’s a big kid. Dangle a “maybe we’ll go to the circus” in front of him and we’re doing it. Hands down. Hundred percent. No doubt.

I did wind up edging him last night. He was horny the second he hit the door on Friday night/Saturday morning. We snuggled while we watched a movie and then paused it when things heated up. I told him he had two weeks to wait. He corrected me that it’s a week and six days. I told him he’d been waiting a week already. He corrected me that it was six days. Not that he’s counting, of course. He’s just a horny boy who really wanted to come last night. What will he be like today when we really get a chance to play? All the chores are done. Now there’s no reason he can’t have a numb butt and lots of swats today.

Incidentally, Lion seems to have forgotten his manners while he was away. He’s eaten before me twice and interrupted several times. And he’s only been home for about 36 hours. Luckily, I have a good way to remind him.