No Beach for Us

We ventured out to the store yesterday afternoon. Along the way, we passed the fruit stand where I bought Lion some cherries the other day. When I stopped, there was one other car. Yesterday, there were at least seven cars. That’s far too many people in one spot even if they are all wearing masks. Having said that, there were quite a few people not wearing masks in the grocery store. I guess it stands to reason. It is a fake virus after all. The New York Times devoted a whole front page, and then some, to listing fake deaths from a fake virus. Damn liberal media!

I haven’t been to the store on a weekend in months. Lion hasn’t been to a store in months either. It was more crowded than the weekdays I’ve gone to, but most people are still staying at home as they should. Road traffic was definitely up and one of the hiking areas seemed fairly crowded. That’s based on the parking lot, of course. We didn’t stop to hike. I’m pretty sure there was little social distancing happening. I doubt it was as bad as some of the videos I’ve seen of beaches and swimming areas. “This is ‘Merica. We do what we want. It’s a free country.” Okay. I’m off my soapbox.

We did manage to play last night. Well, it was evening. I gave Lion the beginnings of a blow job. I don’t think he’s ready for an orgasm. Plus, I think he took a step back in the tummy trouble category. We’re both still worried about that. In the meantime, we’ll try to have some fun. Even if he can’t make it far, we get as far as we can. It still feels good. He likes it. I like it. Why not?

The rest of the night we watched old TV shows like the Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Dick Van Dyke Show. It’s fun to see people who went on to appear in other shows and films. Last night we saw Gavin MacLeod on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Of course, he went on to the Mary Tyler Moore Show some years later. I think it amuses Lion that I can pick out younger actors. Law and Order is even doing a run of shows highlighting actors who’ve appeared over the years. We watch so much TV, we joke we’re running out of things to watch.

Today is rainy and cold. We had our outing yesterday. That should last us for a while. We’ll hang out today and I’ll get some chores done. Tomorrow I go back to work, still from home. I’m enjoying that while I can. It’s only a matter of time before they want me back in the office.


  1. Your rant was fine by me, and I have ranted a few times myself up I don’t have a wide audience as you. I have given up on television news. It is all slanted to one direction. I am an old 83 year old who still can remember to a time before TV news.
    Keep blogging and be safe and happy.

    1. Mrs. Lion was being ironic. She firmly believes there is a pandemic and all those people died. We are both appalled by the low quality of the current American government.

    1. Author

      We certainly do find ways to have fun 🙂

  2. I wish it was already warm days. Although rain and cold contribute to sitting at home…

    1. Author

      Around here you have to go out in the rain and cold or you’d never go out. But there were definitely a lot more people out and about in the sunshine 🙁

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