Fun, Sexy Games

Mrs. Lion loves games; the kind she plays on her iPad and computer. I am not fond of them at all. I like sexy games where the outcome is spanking, wanking, etc. She doesn’t seem to care for them. Too bad.

She may have a good reason not to enjoy those games. This game is “Heads or Tails”. We have not tried this game. Play is very slow. First we make a move, then take the time to deliver the result. For example, if we play “Spank Or Wank”, first she tosses a coin. Then if it’s heads she wanks me for an amount of time. This can take some time since the timer wouldn’t start until I’m hard. If it is tails, I get spanked. Again, I have to get into position, and then when the timer starts, I get spanked. There is more activity with me than actual gameplay.

shock collar under my balls
Collar in place under my balls. Just touching a button on her phone delivers a painful jolt.

Zapardy! is a game that Mrs. Lion used to like. This one moves along and doesn’t take much effort on her part. The way we used to play it, we would watch “Jeopardy” together. I would answer questions I thought I could get right. If I got it right, nothing happened. If I got it wrong, she would zap me with the shock collar. Before we started I would strap the collar on around my cock and balls. Mrs. Lion recently said she wanted to play again, but hasn’t.

I think we may need to modify the rules a bit. In the past there was no penalty for not answering a question. In a way that is fair, but I can escape any zaps simply by remaining silent. Maybe I should get zapped for every two or three questions I don’t answer.

Another “game” we have played in the past was Box O’Fun.  Mrs. Lion has a small wooden box in which she’s put cards with things to do to me written on them. The cards are folded in half so I can’t see what they say. The activities range from clothespins on my balls (Link to picture) to bondage and Icy Hot on my balls. As far as I can tell all of the activities are cock and ball torture.

When we played, each night I would pick a card, and Mrs. Lion would do what it said. There are duplicate activities in the Box. After I pick a card, she retires it in another box. The idea is that eventually I will pick every card and suffer every activity. Then she would put the cards back in the box and start again. At any time she can add new activities to the box.

tiny clothespins on penis head
The absolute worst card in the box has this happen to me with at least two clothespins.

This game assured we would play regularly. It also added an element of suspense for me since I know that some activities are very unpleasant, like dollhouse clothespins on the head of my cock.

We used to play our NFL game. This game is very simple. We watch a game together. Every time either team scores I get 2 spanks for each point. Touchdowns are 12 swats, field goals 6, etc. If our quarterback is sacked, I get 3 and 3 if our team fumbles. Sometimes Mrs. Lion would hit much harder when the team we were not rooting for would score. At the end of the game, I had a sore butt and we had fun.

It seems that unless we do these things regularly, we just stop. It’s too easy to just slip back into inactivity. I’m hoping we can decide to consistently play again. Maybe we can find new games to play. Do you have a favorite?