We Never Do It

We haven’t been sleeping well. I know I’m repeating myself. I think part of it is the change in weather. We had warm, sunny days for a while and then it turned back to overcast and rainy. We’ve both been sluggish and always make a list of things that should get done and it doesn’t happen. Lion’s been talking about making corn muffins and bread for weeks.

Yesterday, I had a work teleconference at 2. I was also trying to make masks so we’d have some protection when we went to his eye appointment this morning. Rather than wait for the stay-at-home order to finish, and our governor has already said he doesn’t think everyone should go back right away anyway, my work has decided to open on Monday. Yes, they’re giving us a four day notice. Thanks! I appreciate the heads up. Knowing that my work likes to take shortcuts, they are notoriously stingy with supplies, I have a gut feeling they want to crowd four of us in our regular office. They may not do it next week, but the week after, everyone is on a regular schedule. Everyone in the pool!

When I was done with the meeting, I had to make a few face masks so we could have some protection when we went to Lion’s eye appointment this morning. I took a few mask plans and stitched them together into a hybrid version that would allow for a coffee filter to be inserted for added security. I was working with a pillowcase and some 30-some year old sewing knowledge but I think they came out okay.

After the two and a half hour sewing foray, I sat down at my desk for a bit of a rest. I’d been standing and sitting and cutting and sewing and it seemed reasonable to take a few minutes to regroup. I heard Lion sigh from the bedroom. I asked if anything was wrong. He said no but in a way that meant yes. I challenged him on it and he said we always talk about playing early and we never do it. Seriously? He said it’s been two weeks and we haven’t done it more than a few times. And we said we were going to do it more this week when he wasn’t working. I apologized for having a meeting and needing to sew the masks. I apologized for not feeling well for a few days. (I even gave him most of a blow job while I had a headache the other day.) He says he hasn’t been sleeping well so the evening doesn’t work very well for him anymore. So, I dropped everything to give him some attention.

I pulled out some clothespins and attached them strategically. I started with a hand job while yanking on the clothespins to make them hurt more. There are a few spots that are always more sensitive. A little while in, I decided a hand job wasn’t going to cut it. It’s not that he wasn’t hard. I just figured he wouldn’t get very far. So I pulled off all the clothespins, making him wince with each one, and I started on a blow job. That got his attention. We were well on our way to the edge when he said he thought he was done for the moment. Within fifteen minutes or so, he was snoozing. Oh well. I tried.

Later on, I emailed my boss’s boss about working from home. To my surprise she got back to me today and seems somewhat in favor of it. Temporarily, of course. When Lion was out for his neck surgery, I asked about working from home. Most of my stuff is online. I sit in front of a computer all day. What difference does it make where I do it? I could be on the moon if someone could figure out how to get the paperwork to me. So I pleaded my case again. Lion and I both have underlying conditions that make the virus especially dangerous. If I can eliminate too much contact with the outside world, we have a better chance of surviving. I need to jump through a few hoops but I may be able to do it. Persistance might have done the trick.


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    Monday begins a light week. Many people are out of the office to cut down on bodies, but the following week is back to business as usual.

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