Fake Kink

Monday saw our deck finished. It was truly amazing to finally be able to get outdoors. We had planned to celebrate the deck’s grand opening by grilling burgers. Mrs. Lion asked the carpenters if they could carry our gas barbecue from the lawn where it had been sitting for over nine months, to the new deck. They told her that over the winter our barbecue had rusted and was no longer serviceable.

We decided to replace it. I had a doctors appointment and we decided to go to Home Depot after the appointment to see if we could find an inexpensive gas barbecue. We not only found one we could afford, but it was fully assembled. The store people loaded it on the back of Mrs. Lion’s pickup truck and we took it home. I was able to help lift the barbecue out of the bed of her truck. Mrs. Lion managed to get it through our garage onto the new deck. It was a lot of work for her.

We had grilled burgers and potato chips for dinner. It was great. Mrs. Lion was exhausted. I expected her to get into bed and relax. I had a little surprise in store for me. After her shower, she told me to assume the position over the side of the bed. She then administered a very energetic, for a tired lioness, spanking. She left me with a red, sore bottom. I expressed my surprise that she had the energy to spank me. She smiled enigmatically.

That was the second of a series of spankings I earned by forgetting Saturday was punishment day for the third time in four weeks. She won’t tell me how many days I will be spanked to punish me for this. She did say it will be well more than the three I would normally get for a small infraction like this. Serial spankings assure that I will feel the effects of my wrongdoing for several days at the very least.

Unfortunately, she used up her reserve of energy on my rear end. Apparently, nothing was left for the flip side. Oh well. In case you wondered, Monday was the 10th day since my last orgasm. My balls are still healthy pink and I have not gone crazy from unrequited desire. It’s true, I’m thinking about sex more than usual.

Speaking of sex, I have an interesting product to try out and review. It’s a prostate and perineum vibrator. This is a very high quality rechargeable device. It has two strong vibrators that are adjustable by remote control. Thank heavens for the age of Bluetooth! There are no wires needed to connect the plug to the controls. I’ll be reviewing this toy in the very near future. I’ll also be publishing a full review of the Cherry Keeper chastity device. I’ve had weeks to wear it.

When I took pictures for the review of the Heart-On chastity device I noticed that hair is growing back between my legs. I guess that means I’ll need a waxing pretty soon. My chest and pubic hair are growing back thinner and lighter. There’s much less hair and what is appearing is far thinner than what the wax removed. I know this is supposed to be what happens after being waxed regularly. It’s nice to see, or should I say, not see.

Since I’ve had the chance to wear several 3D-printed chastity devices, my interest in the process has grown. I would love to be able to design a device of my own just to see what it’s like to do it. I don’t have any unique ideas to try. I just want to see what it would be like to design something and then have it sent back to me as a solid object.

So many things have changed in just a few years. Given the extremely high quality of 3D-printed chastity devices and their relatively low cost, stainless steel devices may turn out to be fetish items for people who like to be locked in metal. When I compare the Cherry Keeper, for example, with my Jail Bird, other than the fact that the Jail Bird is made of metal, it has nothing going for it that distinguishes it from the nylon Cherry Keeper.

Regardless of the material used to make it, I think the biggest problem with the growth of enforced male chastity, is that getting a truly comfortable and effective off-the-shelf device is very difficult for most of us. I’ve always accepted that the individual differences in our penises is an impossible barrier to off the rack chastity.

I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. In years gone by, the chastity kink had more to do with security than it did anything else. After all, in the beginning the market for chastity devices was men who put them on and then struggled until they could get themselves free. Nowadays, escape isn’t really an issue for most of us. We want a device that will prevent erection and masturbation while being comfortable enough to wear full time.

Put another way, the “better mousetrap” is a chastity device that fits almost everyone, does its job, and is comfortable to wear. Some people manufacture devices made from silicone. The idea was that the soft, flexible material would be comfortable and would provide a sex proof barrier. I had some of them and they never worked. Most simply fell off.

For a while, I thought that 3D printing could be the answer. People like JosieLynn, who makes the Cherry Keeper, could offer an endlessly wide variety of devices very easily and at no real cost. Shapeways produces products after they are ordered. All JosieLynn has to provide is the digital design. For me, at least, that turned out to be super good. But I wasn’t thinking about the way most men would approach getting a chastity device.

They want to just buy one. They would like to go to Amazon.com, find one they like, order it, and have it the next day. Of course, they want it to be comfortable so that they can wear it as long as they want. If the price stayed under $100, the product would be a killer. The popularity of enforced male chastity would grow exponentially.

Let’s assume someone comes up with a comfortable and effective device for less than $100. Let’s also assume one-size-fits-all. We would still be confronted with two problems: One, people would have to know about this kink. Two, they would have to get into this without the baggage of those impossibly unrealistic fantasies floating around the Web.

This isn’t a problem unique to us. Pretty much every kink is wildly distorted on the Internet. Everything from spanking to pegging have vast Internet mythologies associated with them. That’s too bad. In most cases, enforced male chastity included, the practice is simple and easy to adapt to meet individual needs. People on the Internet love labels and rules that make things “real”.

There isn’t too much we can do about all this. I guess our blog is one tiny voice trying to keep things real. There are others. Sadly, most are what I guess we could call, fake kink; masturbatory fantasies presented as facts. Fake news and fake kink the bane of the 21st century.


  1. “We want a device that will prevent erection and masturbation while being comfortable enough to wear full time.” I entirely agree. robert

    1. Author

      The Cherry Keeper, at least the custom one, does it for me.

  2. Having invested several thousand dollars in chastity devices over the years, it has become very clear to me that a custom device is really the only way to go for a true long-term experience. Furthermore,it must be made of 316 stainless, titanium, or some other impermeable and bio-compatible material (I’ve never seen a plastic or silicone unit that didn’t have sanitation issues).

    I’ve just ordered a stainless, 3D-printed device from EvotionWearables.com. The design looks like exactly what I want, and of course it’s easily customized. The company seems quite amenable to making “custom” customizations as well, at very reasonable pricing. For example, I wanted a through-hole in the rather large gauge locking PA pin, and they agreed to add that at no cost.

    Since the device isn’t cheap – including the separately-purchased titanium pin (also 3D-printed, and hand finished) it runs close to $1000 – they have the sensible idea of providing a plastic prototype for an additional $100. You can try as many of these as you like (at $100 a pop), before committing to the final metal device.

    Delivery isn’t that quick – about two weeks for the prototype (predicted; I still haven’t received it), and six to eight weeks for the final device. I hoping this means that the company takes significant care and spends the time necessary to ensure that the final device is well finished. We’ll see…

    The prototype comes with a plastic pin as well; since it’s a bit porous, it isn’t suitable for long-term wear without removal for cleaning, but I’m looking forward to receiving it since I can then have a fully-plastic device to wear when I’m flying. (I’ve worn metal devices through the security checkpoints in the past, with varying results, but it would be nice not to have to be concerned each time.)

    The locking device is one of those small brass inserts, which were originally made to provide a more secure locking mechanism for very old warded door locks. These are apparently still common in Europe, and it’s from there that these locks were originally sourced. There’s now available on eBay a completely plastic version; it’s not as secure since it’s only a two-pin lock (which is still pretty clever, in plastic), but for flying it will be fine.

    I’ll report back here when I receive the Evotion Wearables devices, both prototype and final metal.

    1. Author

      Good luck with your new device. FYI, 3D-printed stainless steel is porous. By its nature, the 3D printing process doesn’t produce monolithic output. Also, even my fabricated stainless chastity devices, like the Jail Bird, require some special care. Solid, polished metal still has microscopic rough spots that grab onto body oils, urine, etc. I have a reasonably good quality ultrasonic cleaner. Using hot water and a special, ultrasonic jewelry detergent, I’ve been able to keep all my devices clean and odor free. The 3D-printed devices I have are mostly nylon, the same material used to print artificial joints. The melting point is over 300°F, so ultrasonic cleaning it in very hot water is no problem. By the way, the 3D-printing process used by the people you are ordering from, is exactly the same as the process used for the Cherry Keeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if your device isn’t coming from Shapeways as well.

      I’ll be curious to see how you like your new device.

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