It Hurts When I Sit

Mrs. Lion finally spanked me on Tuesday night. She did not hold back. I was yelping from the very start. I have a sore spot on the left side of my butt that hurts when I sit and even when I am in bed. I don’t bruise easily, so there is no mark. Mrs. Lion made a note to try harder next time. Gee, thanks.

spahing spoon on lion's butt
Mrs. Lion used this paddle to spank me. It is the chechin spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is one of the meanest paddle we own.

Part of the spanking was for interrupting and being “snarky”. I suppose I was. Mrs. Lion has a habit of using pronouns before she gives the noun it refers to. She will start a conversation with, “She said that she did this thing right, but didn’t. How dumb!”

Who did? I often interrupt to understand who she is talking about. The same was true of the prescriptions she brought home. She talked about “this one” and “that one”. I wanted to know what she got and how much each cost. I got impatient when she wouldn’t say. This is why I got the additional swats.

Mrs. Lion says that I have to wait and eventually she will tell me what she is talking about. In all the time we have been together, I can’t remember one time she actually did that. I think she assumes I know what she is talking about. I find this frustrating. I do much better when I know the referent of the pronoun. I also get frustrated when I ask a question and the response doesn’t seem to be what I expected.

I’m not trying to justify what I did. It’s fair to punish me for not being patient and waiting for the meaning to come clear. It’s very likely I can learn if Mrs. Lion consistently “corrects” me. Her communication style is different from mine. It’s certainly fair to teach me to accept it.

We haven’t done anything sexual since my orgasm last week. I’m not complaining. I imagine it’s because Mrs. Lion has been feeling under the weather. It’s difficult for her to do physical things around the house and last weekend she had a bunch of chores that caused her knees and other body parts to hurt. I have been feeling horny. That doesn’t mean I’m ready to have an orgasm again. It’s only been three days since I came.

My stomach problems continue. The doctor wants another stool sample. Mrs. Lion was overjoyed to hear that. NOT! I half-jokingly suggested I wear diapers to avoid “accidents”. Mrs. Lion said that would be worse than accidents. Her position was that cleaning me up after making a mess in a diaper would be really gross. I agree. Enough about my digestive tract.

If Mrs. Lion is serious about enforcing things I do that annoy her, I think I’ll be looking forward to frequent spankings. The only way to avoid this is for me to think very carefully before I say anything. Given that nasty sore spot I’m sitting on, I’ll be very careful, at least while it still hurts.


    1. Author

      Not entirely. It seems to relapse later in the day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that may be where over the worst. Thank you for your good wishes.

  1. Hm) The previous post here is titled: He asked for it 🙂

    1. Author

      You are correct. I’m not sure I really asked for it. Let’s just say I earned it. 🙂

  2. These digestive issues are annoying. They are taking a long time to settle. I hope you don’t take ibuprofen. It has been shown conclusively to lead towards problems of the bowels.

    1. Author

      I don’t take Ibruprofen. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m slowly improving..

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