He Asked For It

It took me a while, but I finally got around to whomping Lion’s butt last night. I wasn’t feeling all that well yesterday. My sinuses were not happy. I had to do a prescription run and I picked up pizza while I was out. When I got home, I told Lion how much the prescriptions cost and he asked why so much. In the process of telling him, he interrupted me twice. Not only did he interrupt me, but he raised his voice as well.

My argument with most of his interruptions is that if he would just give me a chance to finish what I’m telling him, his questions will be answered. If not, he can ask them like a civilized person when I’m done. But no. He’d rather interrupt. Maybe it was because I was tired and stuffy or maybe it was because he wrote about wanting me to punish him when he interrupts, but I was so annoyed at him that I yelled right back at him. I didn’t tell him he’d earned a spanking but I knew he was going to get more of one when the time came a little later on.

I think it was around 9 when I told him I needed his butt. He’d reminded me once but I couldn’t seem to get myself moving until then. I chose a paddle. He tried to tell me he might have to use the restroom, then decided he didn’t. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, he interrupted me while I was telling him why he was getting swatted. I don’t think I started out swatting very hard. Judging from Lion’s reaction, I might have. Once he said something I tried to take it easy…to some extent. Maybe I was reacting to the fact he’d interrupted me without really realizing I was doing it. At any rate, I whomped away for a bit and then he said he needed to reposition himself on the bed.

He had no way of knowing, of course, that he was only one swat away from being done with the first set of swats. And he might have been done with swats altogether if he hadn’t kept rolling away. I guess I’d reached my limit of niceness. I gave him the last whack for his coffee pot infraction and then informed him of the next set of swats for interrupting about the prescriptions. I don’t think he was ready for a punishment on top of a punishment. He literally needs to watch his ass.

For some reason, there was only one little dot of blood with all this swatting. This morning he reports one pretty sore spot although it only looks spotted. I thought he’d have a bruise on each cheek from the way it looked last night. Not that I was actually going for a bruise, or blood for that matter.

I hope he’s “happy” that I swatted him for interrupting. I think he was surprised that there was a delineation in the punishment. I’m not sure it really mattered which swats were for which offense but I made sure he knew he was getting punished for both. And, I’m happy to report, the coffee pot was set up this morning and has already been set up for tomorrow morning.