Lion says he hasn’t had any sexual activity since his orgasm. He says it’s partly because I haven’t been feeling well. While it’s true I was achy from the weekend, I’m usually achy. Most of the time I do things for and to him whether I feel achy or not. It has to reach a fairly high level before I beg off. From my point of view, the reason we haven’t been doing anything sexual is, understandably, his cramps, and frequent runs to the bathroom.

Lion also contends he didn’t ask for his punishment although he concedes that he did earn it. The latter is definitely true. However, we started our female-led disciplinary relationship because he wanted me to punish him for breaking rules. We/I came up with rules. He follows or breaks them. If he breaks them, he gets punished. Hence, he asked for it.

I know he’s not actually asking me to spank him when he breaks a rule. He is correct in saying I would spank him if he asked me to do it. A play spanking can reach the same level of intensity as a punishment spanking. The difference is that it will take longer to get to that intensity. I think the few times I’ve actually bruised Lion was during a play spanking. I was trying to. If you take an implement with a small enough head to concentrate the force in one spot and then don’t hit again for a few minutes, theoretically, a bruise will form. Lion is notoriously difficult to bruise. Sometimes he’s even difficult to get red. Maybe it has something to do with having almost no butt at all. His hips sort of merge into his thighs with very little cushioning. I’d think that would make it easier to bruise, but Lion is sometimes a confounding person.

Since his whomping the other day, he’s been on his best behavior. The coffee pot has been put together and he’s been reminding me about punishment day. I can think of only one time that he was even close to annoying me but I was already well on my way to annoyance so I can’t really hold that against him. He’s been a very good boy despite being at his wit’s end with this illness. How can he feel better and then have it sneak back up on him day after day? It doesn’t seem fair. He put in his time. Leave him alone!

We’re heading into a three-day weekend and the only thing that will change for us is that I won’t have to be at my desk talking to myself so much. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not doing anything. Ordinarily we’d be off camping somewhere, but even before the world shut down, Lion decided to go camping on non-holiday weekends. Sometimes he knows when things are going to happen. I don’t think he foresaw the virus, but maybe something told him to avoid the more crowded times. Now, if that “something” could just remind him that a punishment is forthcoming, maybe he wouldn’t break his rules.