Our Journey

I suppose that I’m lucky in that I’ve been working from home for the last year. Other than my sweet lioness is home with me, nothing else has changed. Because we don’t socialize a lot, this quarantine has a marginal social effect on us. Obviously, the fact that we’re both going to be out of work puts economic pressure on us. I still have another week and 1/2 of work before my furlough begins.

The scope of our blog has widened a lot since we began it over six years ago. The name, “Male Chastity Journal” doesn’t really address all of the things we write about. We started off with Mrs. Lion locking an inexpensive Chinese chastity device on me. We’ve evolved a lot since then. I recently changed our masthead to try to better describe what this blog is about. It’s impractical to change the name since the world knows us as The Journal.

I try not to write about blogging too often. After all, you didn’t come here to read about how I sweat through the process of writing. I’ve been thinking about the subjects we write about. The focus is on my sexual anatomy and how it affects our feelings. Due to the rather peculiar one-sided sex life we have, the focus stays squarely between my paws.

In a way, that severely limits our potential audience. From time to time that bothers me. But then, I realize that we can get very deep into some highly primal aspects of male and female sexuality. Because we write about our actual experiences, we rarely drift off into the academic drone.

Everything we write about is real. What Mrs. Lion and I say we are doing, actually happens. I wonder if it doesn’t appear tedious to you when we write a long series of posts reporting our often-unsuccessful attempts at making a change.

The best example of this, I think, is spanking. We started off with my interest in being spanked. If you look back, you will see that we spent over three years writing about our evolution. We made a lot of wrong turns. I don’t think we planned to document all of our missteps. We just got in the habit of sharing what was happening. We had a strong motive for doing this.

Mrs. Lion is my most devoted reader and I am hers. We both understand that what we write represents how we feel at the time we are writing. That means we have a solid feedback system. Neither of us tries to make ourselves look good to you. We both want to share our reality. I think this is critical.

My hope since the day we started has been that we will get feedback from you as well. It hasn’t turned out that way. For whatever reason, we are considered more “news” than an interactive conversation. If there is one thing I could change about our Journal, it’s finding a way to encourage more reader participation.

I am incredibly lucky. Mrs. Lion is consistently interested in making things work. Before me, she was a very vanilla lioness. I don’t think she ever thought about the sort of stuff we do now. Her willingness to open herself up to me and do all this weird stuff that makes me happy is a tribute to the quality of her love. Without that enormous love, none of this would be possible.

You may have noticed that I astutely ignore any of the so-called prompts that other bloggers use, to inspire them. Some are really interesting, but all of them, move us in a direction that may not be where we are at the moment. So we remain stubbornly on our own course. We are both very grateful that you take the time to travel along with us.


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      Thank you. Mrs. Lion means everything to mel.

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