Four Days of Close Contact

For months I’ve been dreading the seminar that was scheduled for tomorrow. It was cancelled because of the virus, but the show must go on. They are able to do it as a webinar. I was just told this morning, in an effort to keep as many people out of the office as possible, I can stay home and watch the webinar. You don’t have to ask me twice! I already had my hours cut and I’m not working Friday. Four day weekend! I mean…darn it!

Washington state has over 50 deaths from the virus. There’s a rumor that the governor will hold a press conference at some point today to shut the state down to all but essential movement. Grocery stores (and their suppliers), gas stations, hospitals, etc. will continue to operate. I’m not sure about restaurants. This is all so scary.

Lion and I are fine in terms of food for now but who knows how long this will last. Some estimates are a few months. Others say over a year. Will it become like the gas rationing of the ’70s? I’ve already seen long lines just to be tested for the virus. I hope, once more is known, the panic will die down. There’s no reason to buy all the toilet paper in the store. But if this drags out over a year, maybe those hoarders had the right idea after all.

It will be nice to be home with Lion for four days. He’d be happier if he hadn’t broken a rule this morning. He ate before I did. Now he’s concerned that if I’m around more, he’ll have more opportunities to annoy and earn more punishment. The poor boy. It’s been a few weeks since he’s been punished. I think he can handle four days of close contact. If things are shut down, he’ll have a lot more days than that.

We didn’t do anything last night. It wasn’t planned. I guess we both just felt like taking the night off. We held hands a bit while we watched TV. I’m sure we’ll ramp things up over the next few days. He’s still working but I’m not sure how busy he is. Other than the webinar, which lasts all day, I don’t have anything planned. There’s nowhere to go. We can snuggle all day if we want. Of course, that snuggling can lead to much more.