Mrs. Lion’s Paddle Is Back

With a very large percentage of the world’s population staying home, it won’t surprise you to learn that sex toy sales are skyrocketing. In the past when people have been forced to stay home, like in extended power failures, they have turned to sex as a much-needed form of entertainment. I wonder if we’re going to have a COVID-19 baby-boom. So far, Mrs. Lion is going to work every day. If her office closes, things could get interesting here.

Yesterday morning I didn’t closely check to see if Mrs. Lion had started eating breakfast. I took a bite out of my doughnut. Mrs. Lion said, “I haven’t eaten anything yet.”

She didn’t have to say anything more I knew what that meant. I suppose it was inevitable. Sooner or later I would make a mistake. It’s been over two weeks since I had my last spanking. I suppose I’m due. Mrs. Lion has been overlooking interrupting her and other offenses. Perhaps that lenient. Is over.

In a recent post, Mrs. Lion said that if she has to stay home because her office closes she imagines that I will be sorry. To my amazement, she wrote that she’s pretty sure I would annoy her fairly often when we are alone together full-time. She made it clear in her post that each and every infraction would result in a spanking. [Mrs. Lion — Actually, Lion said, “Uh oh. More chances to annoy you.” I just agreed with him.]

Right now I think that’s a very hot idea. I may change my mind after a few particularly painful spankings. You won’t be surprised that I’ve been thinking about spankings during this recent drought. Mrs. Lion has discovered that when I am in the milking position, on my knees, legs spread, butt up in the air, I am much more sensitive to pain. She theorizes that because my muscles and skin are stretched, nerves are much closer to the surface. I think she’s right.

Lion in milking position
Me in the milking position

In one sense that’s an advantage. She doesn’t have to hit very hard to get dramatic results. By the same token, because she doesn’t get to hit very hard or long, I only feel the effects of the spanking for an hour or two after she finishes. If, on the other hand, I am on the bed with my legs hanging over the side, she can hit much harder and longer. I will feel the results for days.

I suggested that she could have me on my knees for part of the spanking and in the traditional position for the rest. She didn’t seem very enthusiastic about that suggestion. I’ll find out soon enough how she plans to proceed.

Given our history, I wonder if Mrs. Lion will actually follow through with prompt punishment each and every time I commit an offense. She never did this in the past. Now that she is much more aware of how I affect her, I think there’s a very good chance I will qualify for multiple spankings each day. If she is binary in her spanking — each one is severe — chances are very good I will learn quickly.

I think we both learned that our disciplinary practices exist on multiple levels. Both before and after, the prospects are sexually arousing to me. When Mrs. Lion is serious about spanking me, I absolutely hate being punished. Consistent application of her paddle for a given offense has proven to be effective in changing my behavior.

The fact that I get turned on about being spanked, hate the process, and change for the better if the paddle is applied liberally makes things a little confusing for both of us. For example, if I manage to avoid being spanked for any length of time, my interest in sex seems to drop off. If Mrs. Lion is consistent and strict with her paddle, my behavior changes and reasons to spank me start to disappear. When that happens, my interest in sex seems to drop off.

Each of the effects spanking has on me are valuable in one way or another. Certainly learning to be a more civilized citizen is very beneficial to both of us. Taking punishment seriously is a very healthy part of our relationship. Getting turned on by the prospect and memory of spanking is also helpful to me.

From the very beginning, we’ve learned the value of consistent, strict punishment. I don’t think we spent any time talking about the multiple ways this benefits us. When we had to suspend our disciplinary relationship, we independently discovered that we both missed it.

I think we are out of the habit of consistent punishment. Mrs. Lion is inclined to overlook offenses that annoy her. After all, spanking me is work for her. She’s subject to inertia. If she can get in the habit of observing and punishing infractions, she will resume her consistent training of me. Until then, it’s a crapshoot.

Some of our readers have wondered why I encourage her to be strict and consistent. After all, I really do hate those beatings. That’s only on one level. On another, deeper level, I recognize that I need them both for stability and sexual arousal.

I’m not alone in this. Virtually every male who is in a domestic discipline relationship asked his partner to punish him. Almost all are punished with the paddle. The sexual connection to spanking is very strong. Smart wives take advantage of this and use spanking as a way to help their marriages.

I’ve also noticed that in the case of more serious problems like excessive drinking, spanking is next to useless. The men who need these corrections ask for them. They believe that enough strong spankings will help cure their addiction to alcohol. As far as I can tell that doesn’t work.

When it comes to behavioral issues like mine, our experience shows that spanking is extremely beneficial. Even though I’m turned on by the idea of being spanked, unconsciously I change so that I can avoid the very painful, unpleasant beatings. We’ve both learned that punishments have to be strong enough to be thoroughly unpleasant. That’s the only way to counteract the sexual value of wanting to be spanked. If spanking isn’t severe enough, it becomes a pleasant sexual memory. This hurts its value as an educational tool.

Mrs. Lion has learned that I can stay still for a bruising spanking. She’s also learned that spanking of that intensity is beneficial in terms of education as well as recharging my sexual batteries. It’s very hard to realize that something can be valuable in the truest sense of the word as punishment and also be sexual tinder. I know it’s true for me and I don’t understand why it works this way. All I know is that it does.

The key is intensity. I think Mrs. Lion is aware of this. Though frequently she will let up earlier than I would expect. My punishments are most effective when she makes it hurt more than I want and goes on and on. Only then do I understand that she is punishing me and not doing something because she knows I want it. I can feel it when she crosses that line. When she does, I am very sorry that I got myself into the situation. I don’t think about any kind of sexual benefit. I just want her to stop. At this point I think the educational value begins. The further she goes beyond this, the stronger her message. Sometimes it takes a lot to get me there. Based on my experience, it’s well worth the effort.


  1. Forty years ago my mother-in-law lived with us. One day I did something that she didn’t like. She threatened to turn me over her knee and give me a good spanking with her hair brush. I poo pooped the idea and nothing happened. Now when I think about it, I get an erection. I wish I would have had her spank me!

    1. Author

      It’s never too late to find someone who will settle that old score. 🙂

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