Already Bored

For the past few hours, I’ve been listening to the person on my webinar drone on and on. To be fair, a webinar is far better than being there in person. I’m reading emails, playing games, texting with people, etc., which I couldn’t do if I was in a face to face seminar. My boss and I are taking turns sending text messages back and forth to keep the other awake. If this was the requirement for my working at home I think I’d rather deal with being at risk for the virus. The good thing is that if I worked from home, I’d do pretty much the same thing I do at the office. And for that reason, I don’t understand why the big bosses won’t approve of my work from home. I assume we’ll break for lunch soon. My boss says her boss wants to discuss something with her. We’re wondering if it has anything to do with closing the office. It’s possible that a few of us would still be able to work since we do paperwork and billing. You have to keep the money flowing while you can.

When my webinar is done, I’ll be able to spend some time with Lion. He’s working from home and I’m not sure if he’s busy with things or not. He’ll have time for lunch and maybe some snuggles later. We’ll see what happens from there.

Last night I whomped his buns for eating before me at breakfast yesterday. He disagrees but I think I started off slow. I didn’t hit hard. I’m assuming this because I didn’t bring the paddle back very far between hits. The force shouldn’t have been as hard as if I’d worked up a full head of steam. On the other hand, it might not have been as “not hard” as I intended. I did use a nasty paddle, after all.

I didn’t count swats. A few weeks ago, Lion mentioned my spanking experiment when I counted swats. I’m not sure why I stopped counting. Maybe I should go back to it. For now, I’ve been going by the level of yelps from Lion and how pink/red/bruised his buns look. Last night, his buns got a nice starting-to-bruise look to them long before the little dots of blood showed up. As a matter of fact, I decided he’d get one more round of ten swats on each cheek and two rounds of five harder swats on each cheek just before the blood showed up. Even after I was done, there wasn’t much blood. I tried to blot it off and it only made two tiny dots on the towel.

I wasn’t going for blood. I was going for bruising at the most. What I really wanted was for Lion to feel it today. I asked him this morning and he said his buns were fine but he was still in the soft bed. I haven’t heard a report since he’s been in his office chair. I guess those marks weren’t really bruises.