Male Chastity Musings

Everyone I work with is working from home. We have the ability to meet, even chat with video. Nevertheless, there are a lot of lonely people thanks to being asked to work from home. I work from home all the time. It’s easier for me and my employer has been fine with that decision. As of today, it’s been at least two weeks since I’ve worn anything below the waist. Most of the time, I wear nothing or just a T-shirt. Since I do frequent video chats, the T-shirt keeps me decent, sort of a business-very-casual dress code.

Mrs. Lion’s employer has cut her team’s hours to 32 a week. That means she is coming home early almost every day and not working on Fridays. That’s great. I’m used to being alone all day. One unpleasant side effect of this isolation is that many more people are ordering deliveries of food. I’ve all but given up on Amazon Fresh. Since people have started staying home I’ve only managed to find one delivery spot in two weeks. Fortunately, a local grocery store has been much easier to work with. That’s kept Mrs. Lion out of stores.

I’m still wild. I’m not sure whether or not wearing the locking cock ring had anything to do with my ED. For now, I’m just as happy to avoid any possibility of a repeat. As far as I can tell my male functions are independent of how long I have to wait between orgasms. For a long time, I thought that the more time that passed, the faster I would ejaculate. I figured all that pent up sexual energy would turn me into a premature ejaculator. If anything, waiting longer makes it more difficult for Mrs. Lion to get me off.

Since we started enforced male chastity, I’ve paid a lot more attention to my own sexuality. Prior to that, I was only aware of being horny. When I was horny enough, I found a way to get off. Sex was all about opportunity. Once the choice was removed, I became a better observer of all the other details I overlooked. For example, I never paid any attention to how long it took me to ejaculate. That’s not entirely true. If I ejaculated in too short a time, I noticed. If I was masturbating and it took an excessive amount of time and energy, I was aware of that. Anything between those extremes stayed out of my conscious mind.

I never kept track of how much time passed between ejaculations. Now I have a spreadsheet that records every single ejaculation and how it was achieved. It goes all the way back to 2016. Not only do I track orgasms, but I occasionally look back to see any patterns that might emerge. In one respect, counting orgasms is a bit like counting breaths. There is no practical value in it. I can’t look through the spreadsheet and decide, “Oh my! I’ll have to do better next time.” For one thing, I have no idea what “better” is. And for another, I don’t have any control over it anyway. Every, single orgasm since December 2013 has been at the hands (mostly) of Mrs. Lion.

She doesn’t pay any serious attention to how much time passes between ejaculations. Why should she? That’s a lion problem. Because I have no control over when I get a chance to come, I am much more aware of how badly I want to squirt. What was, “I’m horny. I’ll jerk off.” It is now, “I sure hope tonight’s the night.” Thinking about this, I realize this is exactly the way I thought about getting laid. I was ever hopeful and horny. Since I always had an alternative (my hand), my anticipation wasn’t about ejaculation, it was about the multi-player game of partner sex.

Many guys who are practicing enforced male chastity are allowed to masturbate. Generally, they have to wait for permission to do it, but they are allowed to use their own hands to produce orgasms. I think Mrs. Lion was smart to remove that option for me. I think that being allowed to get yourself off, even if only when told to do it, still reinforces the notion that an orgasm is just a handjob away.

I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion makes sure I get what she believes are adequate opportunities to ejaculate. Sometimes I think I need more opportunities, but that’s also a lion problem. The closest I get to being able to do it myself is when Mrs. Lion lets me hump her hand. My last opportunity was this past weekend. Before that, I had tried several times but Mrs. Lion had a problem holding her hand still. The difference last weekend was that she had lubed me with coconut oil. The oil allowed me to hump her closed hand. Because I was lubed, there was no friction to pull her hand up and down with me. It worked very well. It was also a good exercise.