Spanking Experiments

lion flat on tummy
Lion lying flat.

On Wednesday night Mrs. Lion had some batting practice with a wooden paddle. She told me to get into the milking position and proceeded to spank me. It hurt like hell. I don’t think it was as bad as the rubber paddle, but it was bad enough to get me howling right from the start. Her theory is that because my skin and muscle are stretched tight, the impact isn’t dampened. It’s true that when she spanks me lying flat, the muscles are relaxed. However, when she starts swatting me, I almost always tighten up. The clenching of my butt muscles seems to make it hurt a little less.

Lion in milking position
Me in the milking position

If you think about it, lying flat and clenching my butt, presents a firmer mass which may be somewhat protective. In the milking position, the muscles are stretched out making them thinner. The skin is also stretched which probably brings the nerve endings closer to the surface. Mrs. Lion has demonstrated that I have a much harder time managing the spanking milking position. She has also decided that the milking position has a particular advantage when she wants to spank inside my crack. In that position, my cheeks naturally separate quite a bit. She’s grown quite fond of that little perversion.

In her post yesterday she said that she didn’t like the fact that if I know that the milking position means crack spanking, she can’t surprise me. I consider that a dubious surprise. I don’t feel any particular anticipation for her paddle being applied to any particular piece of my rear geography. If anything, it’s more humiliating because I’m being required to change my position to facilitate more convenient punishment

If all of the stuff we’ve been doing teaches anything, it shows that things most people believe are instinctive benefit from thoughtful experiments. Okay, you have to go quite a few steps when you get down to spanking experiments. You have to accept the fact that spanking is a good thing to do in a relationship. Then, you need to believe that there’s an educational process involved in becoming an effective spanker. You’re pretty much far out on the limb by the time you get to that. Mrs. Lion and I are at the end of that limb. Good thing it can support our weight.

I’m lucky that Mrs. Lion likes to experiment. Maybe lucky isn’t the right word. Sometimes her experiments end up making things much nicer for me. Other times, I find myself yelping loudly. Her famous spanking experiments are a prime example. In order to “scientifically” train me to hold still during a painful spanking, Mrs. Lion created a standardized spanking battery (never has that word been more accurate in describing a scientific process). She delivered 300 swats to me at each session. The idea was to start off with relatively light swats and each day increase the force.

Her objective was to push me to the edge of where I had to squirm away. Her experiments were designed to train me to stay still and accept any degree of spanking she cared to deliver. These experimental spankings ended up being more severe than most of the punishments I get. She was successful. I can stay still for any spanking she cares to give me. That is if I’m on my stomach. In the milking position, all bets are off.

She seems to be of a mind that a new set of experiments in the milking position won’t be as fruitful as her original study. I tend to agree. On the other hand, if she makes up her mind to teach me to hold still in the milking position, I will learn. It may take a while but she knows how to train me.