A lot has been written about male milking. If the term is new to you, it means to get a man to produce semen without sexual orgasm. Erection isn’t even needed. This is accomplished by massaging the prostate. This practice is very useful for long term forced chastity. It permits clearing out old semen without ever removing the cage. Some people believe that regular release of semen is not necessary. In some men that may be true, but others can develop thickening of the residual semen over time that could require medical intervention.

The testicles are not involved in this at all. Sperm, produced in the balls, is reabsorbed by the body if not used. It’s nature’s way to assure a fresh supply of swimmers. Sperm is only a tiny percentage of male ejaculate. The majority of the fluid is produced in the prostate gland. It’s generally believed that regular emptying of the prostate is a good idea. Normally, the prostate is emptied by ejaculation. However, our keyholders may not want us to have that pleasure. That’s where milking comes in.

Male milking is accomplished by massaging the prostate. You do this by inserting a finger or other device into the anus and then press through the wall of the colon to massage the prostate directly. You can’t really do this yourself with a finger; at least I can’t, but your keyholder can. She just puts a finger up your ass and then feels along the way on the wall facing your belly button until she comes across a walnut-sized, fairly hard body. That’s the prostate. Pressing and releasing as well as rubbing it, should eventually get it to release semen which will drip out of the penis. The male will feel like he has to pee. It isn’t urine. He has to relax and let the fluid come out. Some keyholders collect the semen on a plate and serve it to the male as a nice treat.

The best milking position is with the male on his hands and knees, ass in the air. Over the years, Mrs. lion and I tried this several times. On a few occasions I could feel the need to pee, but nothing came out. At that point I wasn’t sure if male milking wasn’t more than a myth. Then I saw some videos that showed male milking is very real. In the videos men milked themselves with various dildos and probes. It can be done! Milking takes practice. It can take up to an hour the first time. A vibrating butt plug is one way to get started. We are all different, so experimentation is needed to find what works for you.

The point of all this is to empty the prostate without sexual satisfaction. Once fully milked, a male will not be able to orgasm even if uncaged and masturbating. He will have to recharge. It’s a very interesting sensation being milked. Even though it didn’t work the last time we tried, I got a very helpless feeling. I knew that I was going to be milked of my semen and all I would get is the uncomfortable feeling of needing to pee; no orgasm, not even an erection. From the perspective of the keyholder, milking is a very dominant activity that demonstrates true sexual ownership of the male.

Please leave comments with your milking experiences. It would be great to get both male and keyholder perspectives.