Sleepy and Boring

I had a surprise doctor’s appointment last night. I’d made it last week so it wasn’t entirely a surprise that I had one. The surprise is that it was last night. It’s a good thing I looked.
Since I was going to be late getting home, I asked Lion if he wanted to order a pizza. He agreed but by the time I made it home his tummy was bothering him so we just had noodles. Neither of us had slept well and Lion was working nonstop on a project all day. No wonder his tummy was off.

I wasn’t much in the mood for play but I would have done it if he’d wanted to. He didn’t. He wasn’t snoozing, but he wasn’t very animated. I found it interesting that I hadn’t been falling asleep all day. Granted I got more sleep than Lion had but I was still up a lot. And I wasn’t really even tired at bedtime. I think we both still had trouble sleeping last night. I have no idea what’s going on but I hope it stops soon.

It must be boring to come here all ready for insight into our sex life and hear about sleepless nights. I guess it’s inevitable since we write every day. Things are not always rosy. This is definitely real life. It has its ups and downs, its sickness and health, its excitement and boredom. I thank you for hanging in there with us even if this chapter of our lives is less than enthralling. We appreciate you.

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  1. We all have days like this, more than we have play time or excitement of any kind. I really enjoy reading whatever you have to say, you give great insights into life from many different aspects. It’s appreciated that you wish to share it all with us. x

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