No Fountain Of Youth

Mrs. Lion in her post yesterday may be getting a little carried away. I don’t think that blow jobs are the fountain of youth. I love the way they feel and maybe getting them makes me feel friskier. I think that my day-after-orgasm horniness has worn off. I suspect that it’s the proximity to being so aroused that it has a residual effect. Sort of like when you first start a car on a cold day it has a little bit of trouble. Once it’s been warmed up, you can turn the engine off and it will fire up immediately when you turn it back on. Maybe I’m like that.

I haven’t been thinking about sex much. That’s probably because I got a rush assignment from my boss that kept me going for over 10 hours on Monday. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night, I am not in the mood for much more than a nap. That’s not to say that I couldn’t be tempted. Mrs. Lion can always get me started even on the coldest day.

Mrs. Lion hasn’t been feeling all that frisky either. I don’t know why she’s been particularly uncomfortable, but I suspect it’s from exhaustion. She didn’t sleep well either. Monday night is a night to watch TV and in my case, doze. On Monday night we had noodles and peas for dinner. I asked Mrs. Lion to make them because my stomach is also been bothering me. I managed to get peas pretty much everywhere. Fortunately for my rear end, I didn’t crush any and Mrs. Lion was able to rescue them intact before I made a mess. I don’t think either of us is much in the mood for spanking.

Here I am writing a daily post for a sex blog feeling anything but interested in sex. I’m yawning and thinking about getting under the covers and holding hands with Mrs. Lion. That’s what I’m going to do.