Spanking In The Groove

I can’t remember when I didn’t want to be spanked. Thinking about it made me hard even before I understood what that meant. It wasn’t that I wanted to feel the pain. I never even considered that it might hurt. It was more about being exposed and vulnerable. It’s still a good part of my interest in the subject. Of course, I now know it hurts quite a bit. I also know that it’s a very important component of our marriage. To my surprise, Mrs. Lion knows that too. As I wrote before, we only learned this when we had to suspend activity due to my illness. We both missed it.

Another new thing I’ve learned is that there is much more to spanking than getting my bottom hit. I have to admit that surprised me. I had been spanking women for 20 years before I became the object of the paddle. I was told that I was very effective. I knew where to hit and how hard. The feedback I received from the ladies I spanked was generally sexual excitement.

Now that I’m the target, I’m learning that there are subtle differences Mrs. Lion can evoke. The obvious one is the way different instruments feel. That was never a surprise. Some paddles sting like hell, others are thuddy. All hurt when she wants them to. I’ve also learned that when she focuses her attention on the outer areas of my cheeks (farthest from the crack) it is much more painful than when she hits in the center. I’ve just learned that there is a new, more intense sensation when she uses her hand to spread my cheeks and spanks in the tender area between them.

When I was a spanker I never considered this area. I only learned of it when I read a post by Julie in her blog She wrote that she spreads her husband’s cheeks or has her husband spread them for her and then she applies a paddle or strap not only to the tender skin protected by his crack but also to his anal area as well. She says that it makes later insertion of dildos more “interesting” for him.

I told Mrs. Lion about this and she tried it. As she often does, she puts her own spin on it. She uses one hand to pull back my cheek and the other to paddle. She starts right above my balls. That tender little area of flesh gets a lot of attention before she moves up. So far, she hasn’t used anything to spank the anal area. I suspect the paddle would be too wide to reach it.

On Friday we exchanged emails discussing this subject. No, we didn’t talk about spanking my anus; we talked about implements the might do a better job in that small area that seems so terribly sensitive. I sent her some links to smaller paddles. She commented that we have some implements that might do the job. One is a narrow rubber slapper. It’s a paddle handle with a one-inch wide piece of heavy conveyor belt fabric attached. This rubber fabric is heavy and very dense. She said it’s in the camper. I suspect she will be making a trip out there this weekend.

I may need to buy her a special gift. I suspect that even the conveyor belt slapper is too wide. She may want a short, narrow-tipped riding crop. This will certainly do an excellent job. Let’s face it, I’m a gadget freak. I enjoy solving problems, even if the problem being solved means more pain for me. A crop has a couple of nice advantages: First, it has two striking surfaces, the slapper at the end and the hard shaft that supports it. I’ve used both in my career as a top. I used this sort of slapper for administering pussy spankings. It’s especially effective if my bottom holds her pussy wide open so I can reach all those nice tender spots inside.

I asked Mrs. Lion if she would like me to hold my crack open for her. She said no, not for now. She thinks it might be too awkward for me. I’m not going to push the point.

This new-for-me spanking area can be used by itself as an effective punishment. Or, it can just expand Mrs. Lion’s sensation vistas. She knows it’s effective. I can’t help myself and I yelled loudly when she spanks me there. I have no idea how it will feel when she starts hitting around my anus.