Oops! He Did It Again

I was an hour late as well but it doesn’t matter when I remember. The key is that Lion didn’t. He forgot Saturday punishment day again. I was in the beginning stages of jerking him off when I realized he was in trouble. It was too late to switch gears and give him his swats if I still wanted to play with him. And I’m sure if I had taken an impromptu poll of the situation, Lion would have been all for continuing on our current heading. Today is soon enough for a punishment spanking.

So I continued on with Lion’s handjob. I made sure I gave ample attention to his balls. I massaged them. I tickled them. I squeezed them. I hope they had fun. Of course, the main event continued. I changed hands a few times as my arms got tired. The last grip I had on him freed up my hand closest to his balls so I could work on them at the same time.

Lion made it to the edge at least twice before I kept going to another orgasm. He was surprised. Good! He should be. Sometimes I telegraph when I’ll give him an orgasm. He might have expected one on Friday since it was Valentine’s Day but it never even crossed my mind. [Lion — mine either.] Maybe I’m slipping. I was in a weird mood then. Not really a bad mood. Definitely not a good mood. Just weird. I have no idea how many days he waited this time but I’d guess it was less than his most recent seven-day wait.

How long will I make him wait next time? That’s a surprise. Lion fluctuates between wanting to know and not wanting to know when his next orgasm will be. If he can’t decide, I’ll decide for him. He won’t know. I want him to think every time might be the time. I think it’s more fun that way. I like watching his face when he’s getting close and he seems sure he’ll make it all the way only for me to stop. Oh. Too bad.

Tonight, whatever else happens, Lion’s butt will be red and sore. If I do it right he’ll feel it tomorrow as well. If I don’t, well, he’ll give me more opportunities to practice.