Mrs. Lion is feeling her winter malaise. She spends weeks feeling like she’s about to come down with a cold but doesn’t quite get there. I feel sorry for her. This seems to happen every year in the deep, dark days of winter. To make things worse, she begins to feel guilty she isn’t doing enough for me. I try to let her know that I understand and can certainly manage the reduced level of attention I get.

This situation highlights one of the more difficult aspects of our sexual power exchange. Mrs. Lion does not want me to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. She likes owning all of my orgasms. As I’ve discovered more recently, she isn’t too happy about extracurricular erections either. When she let me remain wild, I did get myself hard once in a while. She didn’t exactly forbid it, but when I wrote about it she responded by saying she never permitted it either. Now that I am securely locked into a male chastity device, erections of any sort aren’t an issue.

By assuming total control of my sexual pleasure, has Mrs. Lion assumed responsibility for providing a certain amount of it? Certainly she doesn’t have to. There isn’t very much I can do about it. It’s not like I can sneak off and masturbate. Sometimes when I’m horny I get frustrated and a little grumpy. If that gets on her nerves she can cure the problem very quickly without unlocking my penis.

This has less to do with me than it does her. When she thinks she isn’t teasing me enough or providing me with enough sexual stimulation of any kind, I think she feels guilty. If that guilt motivates her I can generally sense it. I hate the way that feels. I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility.

The problem is that there aren’t any reasonable alternatives available to her. She really doesn’t want me providing my own sexual entertainment and absolutely doesn’t want me near any other women. That means that any sex I get has to be provided by her. Should she change her position? Does she need an assistant who can sexually stimulate me when she is not feeling capable? Should she let me take things into my own hands?

I am pretty sure I know the answer to those questions. Sure, it’s a hot fantasy to imagine that she recruits another woman to masturbate me when she’s not feeling up to it. You know, an assistant lioness. Her assistant could also spank me when needed. That’s definitely a hot fantasy. There’s no way anything like that could work. Even if Mrs. Lion liked the idea, what would be in it for her assistant? There isn’t a long waiting list of females who want to spank me or jerk me off. There’s actually only one and she’s doing it now.

For better or worse, Mrs. Lion and I are monogamous. We are devoted to one another. I really don’t want anyone else even if it means I end up missing out sometimes. For the record, I don’t consider spanking the same as genital sex. I don’t know how Mrs. Lion feels about it. I spent many years in the BDSM community and I’ve spanked and been spanked by many women. For the record, I didn’t have sex as part of the activities.

I really like our exclusivity. I belong to her and only her. We are mates for life. Sooner or later Mrs. Lion will feel better and the fun will resume. In the meantime, I can hold her and she can hold me. I can wake up in the middle of the night and hear her snoring softly next to me. I can eat meals with her and can sometimes piss her off when I call one of her stories a soap opera.