On Saturday afternoon I crossed 48 hours still locked in the Evotion Orion. male chastity device. I suppose that’s not unusual. Generally, Mrs. Lion unlocks me for inspection and teasing every 24 hours or so. I still have possession of the keys. So if a problem crops up, I can let myself out. So far it’s been fine. I forgot how it feels to have my balls pushed out in front of me by the base ring of a chastity device. This position forces me to be more aware of them since it’s pretty easy to sit on one or otherwise find it in a position that hurts. I can feel little stirrings inside the plastic cage. My penis definitely wants a chance to stretch.

Now that I’ve spent two days and two nights in the device, I’m confident that it is above average in comfort. It felt fine under my clothes even during physical therapy. The wider-than-usual base ring does pinch now and then. A simple adjustment takes care of it.

It has been quite a while since I’ve been caged. Whether or not my penis is locked in a chastity device, I remain under strict orgasm control. I haven’t had a single spontaneous or unsupervised ejaculation in well over six years. The last time I jerked off was December 2013.

Mrs. Lion admitted the chastity device looked a bit odd on me. Part of it was that she isn’t used to seeing me sporting any chastity hardware. A bigger part is that the devices a bright candy apple red. If I had a Ferrari it would be just the same color as my chastity device. I’m generally very conservative when it comes to things I wear. All of my other chastity devices are white or natural stainless steel. I suppose it’s time for me to be sportier.

I’m not sure what’s planned for the balance of the weekend. I imagine that Mrs. Lion will want to spank me at least once more whether I earn it or not. She is in the process of calibrating her disciplinary spanking style. Friday night was the first time she used the hard rubber paddle for a punishment spanking. I think she was a bit taken back by its severity. I doubt this will inspire her to abandon this particular tool or back off in terms of her swats. She may need to do a bit of adjustment with placement.

She does seem to like focusing on the space between my cheeks. She makes a point of spreading them and applying several hard swats to each side. I suspect the large, rubber paddle is a bit ungainly for this close work. She may want to go to our small, blue paddle which is ideal for tight spaces. I can say without question that effort applied in that little area is strongly felt.

Mrs. Lion has yet to remove or put me into the Evotion Orion. I found it fairly easy when I put it on myself. It goes together in a less-than-obvious way, however once I figured it out it was easy to do simply by touch. I imagine that it took quite a bit of work to design the way the parts fit together. They do so very well, and once locked, there is no wobble or rattle. Best of all, my urethra remains nicely centered and I can urinate in the toilet with as much ease as I had when I was wild. This is the first male chastity device I have worn that keeps me firmly and stably in position. No other design I’ve tried comes close.

Even though it’s too early to say definitively, my first impression of the Evotion Orion is very positive. So far it checks all the boxes for a high-quality, custom male chastity device.


  1. Seems like this device is a winner. I’m so used to sitting to pee now that I will do it without thinking. I remember a time a few months ago. My Queen told me to remove the cage as we were going out. While we were out, I needed to go pee. I went to the bathroom and their was only one stall. It was in use, so I went outside to wait. A fellow came out of the room so I went in. It wasn’t till I sat down that I realized I wasn’t wearing the cage. I could have easily used the urinal but didn’t even think of it. lol

    1. Author

      I find it difficult to completely void my bladder when sitting. Since my surgery, I’m not as steady on my feet so getting up from the bowl is a bit more challenging as well.

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