A Bruise Too Far?

Perfect for between Lion’s cheeks.

Friday was a strange afternoon. We got some lunch, Lion got a haircut and we came home. Lion watched TV and snoozed a while. I played The Sims. Neither of us was hungry at dinner time. That always throws things off. We were finally hungry at around 8 so I made some snacks. Any play we’d do would happen late, if at all.

Around 9:30 I wondered if it was too late to give Lion his punishment swats. He said it’s never a good time. I suppose that’s true. He may like the idea of getting spanked and he may present his butt appropriately, but he definitely does not look forward to actually receiving the swats.

I decided to use the thick, rubber paddle. Lion says it’s thuddy. The last time I used it on him was for a play spanking and we discovered something interesting. If I use the side that curves away from him, it’s thuddy. If I use the side that curves toward him, it has more of a sting. Both sides are very useful. Aside from the thuddiness of it, I was looking for less marking on the edges. The wooden paddles seem to deliver more force toward the edges and I think that’s what causes bleeding. It’s just a theory, of course. The other reason for using the rubber paddle is that it does some of the work. A slight flick away springs back easily – like a rubber band.

Lion’s buns got very pink very quickly. This paddle is indeed very mean. I didn’t time the spanking. I wanted to concentrate on what I was doing rather than worrying about how long I was doing it. Even if I had set a timer, I would have been worried about when it would go off and had I gotten my task completed in the allotted time. No thank you. I’ll know when it’s time.

I tried to concentrate more on Lion’s sit spot. I made more contact with his lower cheeks and upper thighs. I pulled open his cheeks to try to share the wealth inside. I think I’ll need a narrower paddle to accomplish that. I was even thinking of looking for a riding crop for that intimate area.

Eventually, I inspected the area more closely. I was surprised to find a nasty looking welt on his upper left thigh outside of the area I was aiming for. Apparently the paddle had wrapped. I felt bad immediately. Lion said it didn’t hurt. It’s not surprising. His buns were burning all over. One area would not necessarily hurt more than another.

Despite the evil-looking welt, there was no sign of blood. There were spots that looked like they would have bled if I’d been using a wooden paddle, but no actual blood.

This morning, Lion reported that he does have a sore spot but the welt has calmed down considerably. It’s a normal bruise now and Lion says it’s fine. Let me be clear, even after his buns were no longer burning, Lion was not concerned about the welt. While I was still worried about it, as long as he was fine with it, I realized it wasn’t as serious as I had thought.

Sometime after the spanking, Lion made a comment about my being a one paddle person. I use different paddles all the time so I didn’t understand what he meant. He said I only use one paddle per punishment. It never occurred to me to use different ones. I do for a play spanking but that usually has more to do with building up the intensity. I guess if I add a crop or other narrow paddle for his crack, I’ll have graduated to the next level. Who knew? All this time I’ve just been searching for the one paddle that did what I wanted it to do in that particular punishment session. Sometimes I feel stupid. [Lion — Mrs. Lion is very smart. She focused on a single tool so that she could master it. Now that there is real estate needing something else, I know she will find it.]