Male Chastity: How Long Should He Wait?

When a couple starts out with enforced male chastity, the first question the new keyholder asks is, “How long do you want me to lock you up?” This is probably the last question he wants her to ask. After all, the entire point of enforced male chastity is that the male loses control of when he gets to ejaculate. His keyholder owns that decision.

There have been lots of suggestions as to how to determine this. There are even websites that will give you a random number representing the number of days until the next orgasm. Generally, the guy give some indication of how long he thinks he should wait. Despite what you may have heard, there is no right answer to this question. There is also no such thing as “blue balls”. A man can wait as long as necessary without any physical harm.

Having said that, maybe we can try a creative way to determine how long that wait should be. How about the penis length method? With this method, having a big cock can be a disadvantage. Here’s how it works: Get him as hard as you can. Measure his penis. If you live in the United States, make him wait one day for every inch of length. If you live in a metric system country, it’s a centimeter for each day. If you live in the United States and want to be especially mean, go metric.

As you can see in the picture of my cock (left), I measure 6 inches long. That would make my American wait six days between orgasms. If we follow the metric system, that would be 15.24 cm. As everyone knows, when calculating orgasm spacing, you always round up. That means my Canadian brothers of equal penis size would be waiting 16 days.

Of course, a clever keyholder will realize that for one reason or another she might want to double or even triple the penis-size-calculated wait to a multiple of the actual measurement. I like this system because the male is actually determining how long he waits. Ironic, eh (or Ay as they say in the metric country to our north)?

This method is as good as any other to get you started. Mrs. Lion doesn’t need any system. I have absolutely no idea how she calculates when it’s time for me to erupt. Often, even she doesn’t know when. Her current system is to stimulate me until she decides to stop. If I happen to erupt before she’s through, so much the better. If not, there’s always tomorrow.

Another approach is the pseudo-health calculation. Some women have decided that male orgasm spacing should be based on a healthy interval that allows him to keep his energy without getting so frustrated he would become distracted. I have no idea where these women come came up with their numbers, but a bunch of them have independently suggested the same wait time.

They suggest that it is completely unnecessary for a male to ejaculate more than once every 7 to 10 days.I have no idea why they believe this. Perhaps it’s because once a week is all they want to deal with. In any case, this turns out to be about my average. In 2019 my average wait was 6.8 days. This is very close to the “healthy” wait time suggested by these bloggers. In 2018 my time was 6.2 days. Over the last couple of months, my average is closer to 10 days. Maybe they knew something I didn’t by suggesting 7 to 10 days. Without trying, it seems to be working for us.

Of course, everyone is different. The problem is that when you first start out, you have no idea what might work for you. I suggest the penis-length method. It’s fun and is almost guaranteed to come out with a number of around a week. The consensus seems to be this is a good starting point.

I know that most of the people who read this are men who are want to be caged. I suggest you show this post to your prospective keyholder. It represents a reasonable and lighthearted approach to a subject that causes much more trouble than it’s worth.

Lion's penis in Cherrykeeper chastity device

Putting it into action
Okay, now you have some ideas on how to decide on how long he has to wait between orgasms. Actually implementing this sometimes causes anxiety and can result in a potential keyholder giving up before even starting.

it’s best not to discuss how you decide on wait time. Your caged male, once you are in charge, doesn’t really want to be consulted. A lot of guys enjoy a little humiliation along with frustration. If your guy is one of them, you might want to use my penis size to determine his wait. If you tell him to go to the site and find out how long my penis is and then tell him he gets a day for every inch (or centimeter), it will probably be a little bit embarrassing for him. Or, you can get him nice and hard and measure his penis. Then you can explain why you did it. With an evil smile, you can tell him his wait is X days.

As a matter of good practice, regardless of what he says, keep his initial wait time less than two weeks. A shorter time is helpful because it gives him a chance to get used to being caged, and it gives you a chance to establish a rhythm.

Mrs. Lion jerking me off

When Mrs. Lion and I started out, she agreed to unlock me and masturbate me to the edge of orgasm (usually six or seven times) at least once every two days. This routine is helpful because it gives you a chance to inspect him to be sure there is no irritation, and when you edge him you keep his sexual hormones flowing strongly. This will make it much more difficult for him to last until the day you decide to let him ejaculate.

This frequent teasing makes the game a lot more fun for him, especially if you don’t let him know when he is finally going to get his chance to come. This is how Mrs. Lion plays the game. I never know if she is going to continue stimulating me until I have an orgasm, or if she is going to stop, leaving me hanging. Obviously, almost all of the time I’m left hanging. When I get soft, she puts me back in my cage for another day or two.

That’s how we do it. Of course, you can come up with your own method. Even if you start doing it our way, over time you will probably develop an individual style that suits both of you. The important thing is not to quit. That’s why it’s a good idea to write a simple contract where you both promise to keep going for a certain amount of time. Our contract was for six months. Other people, will choose one or two months. It doesn’t matter. What counts is that you’ve committed to this and will continue long enough to find out if living this way is what you want.


  1. You can’t beat good old-fashioned spontaneity !!!!!

    1. Author

      No you can’t. You really can’t expect somebody who’s never even heard of male chastity to be spontaneous or anything else. Spontaneity only comes after some experience. That’s why suggestions as to how to decide how long to make him wait between orgasms makes it a much easier job for a new keyholder.

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