Perfecting Her Swing

lion's spanked ass
Mrs. Lion changed position. She stood over me instead of sitting next to me. This is the result. No real, lasting swats where I sit. It looked bad when the picture was taken. The marks were mostly gone on Sunday.

(I am writing this on Sunday morning.) On Saturday night I got the first of my earned punishments. I assumed the position: half my body on the side of the bed the other half (my legs) dangling off the side. Generally Mrs. Lion likes to sit next to me when she spanks me. She uses her long-handled ferule paddle. This is easily the most painful paddle we own.

hanson ferule paddle
This is the Hanson ferule paddle in bloodwood. Mrs. Lion calls this the “camper paddle”.
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This time she said that she stood over me. The experience was very different and not nearly as painful as usual. Her swats ended up landing on either side of my bottom (see picture). I’m not sure why it came out this way but I ended up with those peculiar marks on either side of my butt. It hurt a lot while she did it, but not nearly as badly as her normal spanking.

She said my bottom was red all over. It doesn’t really look very red in the picture but I believe her. She said that she may have been pulling her swats a bit because she felt she had more power standing over me. I think she’s right in that respect. She wasn’t hitting nearly as hard as she usually does. This still doesn’t explain why the entire center of my tender bottom was missed. She doesn’t have an explanation either. Because the area that got the most attention was to either side of my “sit spot”, it doesn’t hurt at all when I sit down. I can’t see it, but I’m pretty sure the marks have also disappeared.

I didn’t offer a review of her spanking on Saturday. I’m not crazy! It just seemed peculiar to me that she ended up with the pattern she did. Maybe we need to find another spot for her to punish me. There’s only about 3 feet between the bed and the wall where I received my punishment. That doesn’t give her much space to move around and get the proper perspective. I don’t want to be unfair to her.

Mrs. Lion is generally not too interested in discussing this particular subject. Maybe I will suggest that I go back to being flat on the bed. The problem with that is that there is some distance between me and her body. This is good in terms of giving her leverage with the paddle, but not so good for letting her use one hand to open my crack in the other two beat me inside of it or otherwise manipulate my flesh to assure that she gets an even “burn”. The position we’re currently using is probably the best because she’s been the most effective with it.

I don’t think either of us realized the effect that changing her position would have on her ability to discipline me. If I were an objective observer, I would imagine that her spanking technique is most effective when she sits next to me. I wonder what it would be like if she straddled my back? We have a substantial backlog of spankings that could give her an opportunity to test different ideas: four more as of Sunday morning.

You can also tell that I’m not as “hung over” from my Saturday night spanking as I would have been with her other technique. If my butt hurt a lot while I am sitting here, I would be far less willing to discuss helping her make things worse for me. I’m not too smart this way. I need a painful reminder that I should keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, in truth I have a lot invested in making her the most effective disciplinarian I can. When she does a really effective job of punishing me, I think she gets a sense of accomplishment. I also take my offense much more seriously. Let’s face it, it’s hard to take it too seriously if I get a little bit of ketchup, for example, on my shirt. No matter how much I am beaten for that, it’s hard to consider that a significant life event. I consider it a practice round for us both. We got to the actual tournament, when I upset Mrs. Lion on Saturday.

That’s different. I want her to be incredibly effective at making me unhappy that I did that. We already know from experience with the spills, eating first, and forgetting punishment days, that punishment is effective as a training aid. My slips are few and far between (except for spills which are highly dependent on my coordination and ability to see well). My vision isn’t great nowadays and my coordination is poor due to side effects from spinal surgery. That makes it far more likely I’m going to get some food on my shirt.

I’m glad Mrs. Lion is not taking those things into account. I need things, particularly rules, to be inflexible. Flexibility when it relates to discipline confuses me and ruins the conditioning effect of punishment. Whether or not you agree with the way we are doing things, our experiences have been very positive. To our surprise, we both missed it when Mrs. Lion had to suspend my rules after my surgery last spring. It wasn’t that I went crazy. I didn’t. But we both felt something was missing in our lives. I expected to feel that way. I absolutely didn’t think Mrs. Lion would.

But she did. She couldn’t put it into words, but she said that she felt something was missing. Now that we’re back to our disciplinary relationship, we’re both happier. Go figure.


  1. wow, real nice marks

    1. Author

      They look bad but didn’t hurt after the spanking’

  2. They are kind of weird. And in an interesting location. But practice would probably move the marks to a more “normal” location.

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