waxing man's chestI actually got quite a bit done yesterday. I unpacked a lot of boxes, got Lion’s TV set up in his office, put the stupid foam in the bed, and got a lot of space opened up near the front door. The one thing I didn’t do was wax Lion. I tried. It just didn’t happen.

I swear I put the paddles, dildos and waxing supplies in the big toy box. It was all in the same room. Why didn’t I put it all together? When I opened the box and poked around, there was no waxing stuff. So where did I put it? I doubt it’s in a box labeled “Waxing Supplies”. It probably says “Pantry” or “Kitchen” like so many other boxes.

Lion ordered another warmer and some other supplies that will be delivered tomorrow so I can get rid of some of his fur. At the very least, I’ll give him his Lion-zilian. Then I won’t have to hear about how furry his balls are. When I unearth the rest of the waxing supplies I can make him smooth as a baby’s butt all over. [Lion — The supplies arrived today. We have everything we need for Mrs. Lion to take off as much hair as she wants.]

The past few times I’ve tried to edge Lion, it hasn’t gone very well. He’s very excited and I get him fairly close to the edge and then we lose it. I say “we” because I need to change positions and that breaks the concentration. I also think Lion probably needs more attention than just a hand job or blow job. I might need to break out that rope again to get him excited enough. I don’t think it has anything to do with his spankings. Last night he said he must be very horny because even after his buns were on fire, he was horny. And then I couldn’t quite get him to the edge.

Again, I’m putting the blame on me. If I could have maintained his blow job last night, I could have gotten him to the edge at least once. I don’t think I would have given him an orgasm only because he hasn’t been edged in a while. An orgasm at this point would be a freebie even if he has waited a long time. He needs to work for it a little bit. We’ll try again tonight.


  1. At this time of year I am allowed to keep myself shaved. I have never been waxed but find it very appealing. (Be careful what I wish for).

    I have had some experiences recently where I tend to “lose it” during certain sex acts. Maybe I am just shutting myself down when I think I may be approaching orgasm, but my erection fades away despite the favorable attentions.

  2. Author

    I’m not sure why Lion likes to be hair-free. But I think he likes to be waxed for a few reasons. We get to be close. Between cleaning his skin and applying a little oil, I’m touching him a lot. The warm wax must feel nice, as long as it’s not too warm. I’m sure it doesn’t feel very good to have the wax yanked off, though. I guess the end result, a smooth Lion, outweighs the pain of ripping the hair out.

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