I have a ton of stuff to do. I know this because a) I can see all the boxes left to unpack, and b) Lion keeps telling me there’s a ton of stuff to do. My first thought when he points out the obvious like this is that there has to be a lot of stuff to do because I haven’t finished it all since the last time he mentioned it. Since I’m the one doing most of it, if I didn’t do it then it still has to be done. Oh, and he needs defurring. Badly. Did he mention he needs defurring? Badly? I think I’ve heard that somewhere before.

So I sat down to write my post, which wasn’t going to be about annoyances, and I noticed some comments. Lion walked by and said we have things to do. I know. I just want to write a post. Ok, that’s fine but there’s a lot to do. Yes, I know. And he needs defurring; Badly. And now the post is about annoyances.

We’ve been short with each other lately. He snaps at me. I snap at him. We snap at each other. I think one of the reasons I snap at him is because he’s been pointing out the obvious. We need to unpack. Really?? I hadn’t noticed. The kitchen table needs to be cleaned off. Really? You can’t eat a meal on top of boxes? Huh. If “we” put the new Sleep Number foam on the bed when “we” change it, the big boxes near the door can be thrown out. Really?? You mean “all I have to do” is unpack those boxes to get rid of them? What a concept!

At this point I can’t really tell if I’m more annoyed or amused. You know how you watch a video over and over just to make sure you’re actually seeing the person do that stupid thing? I’ve been doing that with Lion’s obvious statements. Did he really just say that? Yes. Yes, he did.

Okay. What the post was really going to be about was Lion’s punishment. He suggested that annoying me should have more weight than forgetting punishment day. Valid. Does that mean I have to add four days because he already had four days for forgetting? That didn’t seem right. He also would like punishment closer to the infringement. Valid. I asked if it made any sense to rearrange the punishment so that he earned four days for annoying me and one for forgetting. He said it did. In my mind he earned five days for forgetting and annoying me. In his mind he earned four days for annoying me and one day for forgetting. It seems to be a distinction without a difference. But, whatever floats your boat.

Under these new guidelines, when he spilled a little drop of food on his shirt at dinner, it didn’t seem right to add another day. It is a fake rule, after all. Inconsequential. I decided he should have mouth soaping added to one of the spanking nights. Was that the correct decision? I have no idea. We’re still experimenting. I won’t say spilling food will always result in mouth soaping added on. It just seemed like it fit last night. open [Lion — It does make sense. Spilling relates to eating, which, of course, uses my mouth.]

Maybe the original rules should have a punishment of their own now. I don’t think we should abolish them. They do serve a purpose. Even if he doesn’t annoy me (like that’s going to happen), he’ll still spill food or eat before I do. If nothing else, they’ll help keep us grounded. They’re where it all started. It would be a shame to lose them.