Would You Care For Four?

Last night we went to the casino. Lion loves the lights and sounds. He also likes to get out of the house. I have my suspicions that he was also trying to delay his punishment. Nah. If I really thought that, I would have added a day or whomped him when we got back home.

A few days ago Lion got a new remote control for the TV and all the components that go with it. He can practically signal the International Space Station with it. Needless to say, it’s his new baby. I think I’ve held it three times. As Lion was snoozing, I picked up the remote and realized it’s like looking at something in a foreign language, especially in the dark. Where the hell is the off button? I forgot that Alexa can also control the TV.

This morning, Lion told me to download the remote control app for my iPad. I wasn’t near my iPad so I said, “Okay.” Lion told me I always say okay but then I never do it. Strike one. Once I got to my iPad, in less than a minute after he told me to download the app, I downloaded the app. He wanted me to play with the app to get used to the controls. I tapped on something and the TV went off. He yelled at me for turning off the TV. Strike two. He was in the middle of watching a movie. This movie from the fifties, was recorded on the DVR and he’s seen it a million times. It’s not like we couldn’t turn the TV back on and resume the movie. I told him to forget it. I’ll figure the remote out some other time. He wanted me to figure it out then. This is why I don’t mess around with the TV. All I need to know is how to turn it on, change the channel and turn it off. Done. [Lion — FYI: Simply Say, “Alexa, turn on {off} the TV” or “Alexa, tune to channel {say channel number].”]

By this time I was annoyed. Beyond annoyed. It turns out he hadn’t downloaded the app yet and I had to help him figure it out. Strike three. I went off to take care of the breakfast dishes and get myself moving. When I came back into the bedroom, I told him he’d earned himself another day of swats. And then, (Are you ready for this? I don’t think you are.) he said it didn’t seem fair that forgetting punishment day was four days but annoying me is only one. (I told you you weren’t ready.) I asked him if he’d rather have four more days. He didn’t. Smart boy. [Lion — My post for tomorrow is about this very subject.]

Why only one day for annoying me? Baby steps. He’s already got four days so one more is a lot. It’s also one of the first times I’ve punished him for annoying me. I’ll get there. I’ll be doling out punishment days like candy on Halloween. And Lion will have bruises like cavities from that candy. He just needs to watch his step. I may have turned a corner.


  1. “I may have turned a corner.” Flippin’ awesome! I am envious, my glutes not so much, but I’d still love to see that in my marriage.

  2. Do you think that maybe you are overthinking the “rules”. Who makes them anyway .? Whoever it is maybe less “topping from the bottom”. So just bend over and let her set whatever rules she wants ( even if that means you hang from the chandeliers – wink)

    1. Author

      I make the rules. Lion can suggest one, but I decide if it becomes a rule.

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