Four Days

Last night while I was in the shower I realized Lion forgot to remind me about punishment day. At least, I thought he did. I checked through our daily emails and he definitely did. I told him his butt was in trouble. Oh yes, he said. He’d forgotten.

Lion was a little distracted because he’d gotten a new remote for the TV. It controls more than just the TV, of course. It can even connect with Alexa to dim the lights for a movie theater atmosphere. The problem with such an advanced toy is that you have to have a PhD in astrophysics to program it. And so, even though Lion knew he was in trouble, it took him a little while to ask how long his sentence would be.

Four days.

And it took a little while longer for him to lament that sentence. He thought it was a bit long because I’ve been swatting so hard. When he questioned it, I thought he would advocate for more days since his last punishment started at four days. Apparently I’ve reached a level of swatting that he doesn’t want to add days to.


I chose four days because it’s been a while but he still forgets from time to time. I don’t want him to think it’s fine to forget. Anything less than four days seemed like it would send the wrong message. It has to be severe enough that he tries very hard to remember.

Lion being spanked
This is the narrow paddle. Perhaps I can use this to avoid sore spots.
(Click image to view larger)

The issue I have now is that if I bruise or open a wound on the first day, I have to avoid that area on subsequent days. There’s just not that much real estate on Lion’s butt. I hesitate to say I need a different paddle because Lion will go on a buying spree. I either need to use a larger paddle to spread the swats out more and possibly prevent bleeding or bruising, or I need a narrower paddle to focus the swats more. I’m undecided. I’m also sure we already have paddles that will do the trick. They’re just packed away.

[Lion — We have a very narrow paddle that is almost a cane. Mrs. Lion is use this on me and it is very effective. It’s probably in one of our boxes or the container with our other toys. I’m not sure what would work best. That’s not my job. I’m not very fond of my job in this case.]