Burning Down the House

We finally signed the lease yesterday. It was a day late. I had a whole plan of making several trips a day, ferrying boxes to the new house. It didn’t work Sunday. Monday I managed to get eleven boxes transported. By then I was done for. Taxiing Lion to appointments and packing to move fried me. I was going to move a few boxes every day after work, but I’ve decided to concentrate on packing during the week. Next weekend, a friend will help me move more boxes.

This morning, I imagined that Lion would have another problem with the fact that I packed all but four of each type of dish because all of one type was dirty. I turned the dishwasher on so it shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know. And I decided that I’ve been more than accommodating for his maladies so he should start accommodating my wishes and needs. I need to get things we’re keeping from point A to point B and I wish he would stop adding things to my list. On the one hand, he tells me he trusts that I can get things done. On the other hand, he tells me how my plan doesn’t work. I’m ready to buy new everything and burn the old house down behind me. And, you know, I’ve been so focused on packing and moving that it just occurred to me that I’ll have to unpack on the other end. Yup. Buying new and burning the house down.

I know this has nothing at all to do with male chastity. It only marginally has anything to do with female led relationship with discipline. Although…I’m thinking the rules should go back into place sooner rather than later so I can take out some of my frustrations with Lion on his butt. I guess mainly this post is to put Lion on notice that I’m stressed enough. I don’t need to worry about taking the dog to the vet so she can go to the kennel while we move. Those are two trips that don’t need to be on my plate right now. She can be in the camper with the windows open and a fan going. She understands the camper.

I won’t actually reinstate the rules at least until after this Friday’s follow up with the surgeon. No sex for two weeks notwithstanding, I need more of a green light that Lion is healing well. But Lion should be aware that the growling will continue and probably get louder the more stressed I feel.

Of course, I say this with the realization that I’ve been apologizing for everything the past week or so. Why does he get to make me feel bad that I didn’t hear him ask for a chocolate shake at Burger King? I’d promise that I’ll growl next time he does it, but we both know I’ll probably apologize again. Everything is topsy turvy lately.

[Lion — This is a two-way street. I’m frustrated because I can’t do things for myself. It’s true that we sometimes get our wires crossed in terms of things to do. The dog has to go to the vet. It isn’t just to get shots. She seems to have an ear infection that needs to be looked at. We both get frustrated.]