All Packing and No Fun Makes Mrs. Lion a Dull Girl

Yesterday we made some decent headway in the packing/tossing stuff department. When we were done with Lion’s office, he went off to snooze while I continued packing. By late afternoon, I was shot. I normally don’t take a shower early, but I thought it might make my achy body feel better. After that I changed the bed, made dinner and finished the laundry. Today my legs feel like I did squats all day.

Around 9, the internet went kaput. Lion was on the phone for about an hour getting that straightened out. And that was our evening. No orgasms were had. No snuggles were done. I did snuggle with him a bit just before we went to sleep. It was more of a closeness thing than a sex thing.

I’m not entirely sure how I can get the rest of the house packed and snuggle/play with Lion. I know I won’t be packing the whole time I’ll be home, but if I do pack, chances are I’ll be wiped out from packing and not in any shape to snuggle. Lion doubts my ability to get everything packed by the time we move. Technically, I just need to get the heavy stuff ready. Random boxes that I can move are not really a problem. When it gets down to the last of it, I’ll probably just throw stuff in the truck or car without packing it in a box.

Having said that, I won’t intentionally ignore Lion. I mean, if I’m packing, I can’t pay attention to him. But if I’m not packing I won’t ignore him. We’ll snuggle. Maybe I’ll pack for an hour. Maybe I’ll pick one cabinet to clean. Then we can snuggle. And play. And let’s not forget that I owe Lion swats for spilling food on his shirt. Nope. Can’t forget that.