Housewarming Gift

This is my housewarming gift for Mrs. Lion. The long handle and heart -shaped striking area might be fun for her. She may want to just hang it for decoration.

We are getting closer to the day when things can get back to normal here. We’re both very anxious to re-stabilize. It’s not that I’m out of control and making Mrs. Lion miserable. The suspension of my rules has certainly saved me from some spanking, but things are orderly and functioning smoothly without the discipline. Nevertheless, we both miss it. The same is true of sex. We’ve suspended that as well to give my eyes their best chance of recovery. I expect that after a successful postop doctor’s visit on Friday, we can resume everything.

I think I am currently in one of my sexual drive spells. Even though Mrs. Lion hasn’t touched me sexually in days, I noticed that I’m not having many sexual thoughts. Also, I’m not having any spontaneous erections. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion can’t bring me back into heat with some deft handwork. It’s just that I’m a little surprised that I’m not feeling particularly horny. It’s only been about a week since my last ejaculation. That’s more than long enough to get me ready to go on a moments notice. I’m not complaining. It’s more of a Lion weather report.

I ordered a little “housewarming” gift for Mrs. Lion. Actually, it’s more of a bun warmer. I decided it would be fun for her to get a brand-new paddle never used anywhere but the new place. I admit that it feels a little odd buying her yet another way to punish me. I couldn’t resist. I put a picture of the new paddle (above, right) on this post. I know that will spoil the surprise, but I couldn’t help myself.

I know she likes variety even in implements to punish me. That may seem confusing and contradictory to some. After all, spanking isn’t play and its objective is not to give me varied sensations, but to provide enough pain to discourage further offenses. From my perspective, I’m not really that interested in what she uses to paddle me. I can’t see any reason why I would prefer one paddle over another. It’s true that I prefer thud to sting. However, the preference grows dim after the first hundred swats. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion can’t enjoy switching paddles. I realize I’m not supposed to enjoy any part of that process, but she can.

Selection of different paddles does add an appearance of play. But in practice, it’s not play at all to me. That’s how it should be. I have to admit that if Mrs. Lion was all business she wouldn’t need more than a couple of implements to punish me.

It turns out that up until now, at least, there is a little element of fun in the process for her. She gets some joy when she catches me violating one of my minor rules. While I don’t think she would admit it, there is some pleasure in delivering a memorable spanking. I don’t mind a bit. The educational value is not diminished if she enjoys catching me and swatting me. Just so long as I don’t enjoy it, everything works fine.

There is a certain amount of amusing irony in my situation. She knows that I asked her to assume her role. She also knows that on some level I want her to punish me effectively. In reading other blogs where men and women who spank and are spanked contribute, there is almost always the element of both partners finding some sort of pleasure in the process.

If it were pure misery for me and a necessary-but-tiresome chore for her, we almost certainly wouldn’t be blogging about it. It would just be a routine part of our lives. It’s this duality of fun and real punishment, that makes what we do appear confusing at times. It’s entirely possible to both love and hate something at the same time. It’s possible for me to get aroused thinking about a spanking, and then when it finally comes, hating every second of it.

Some women like the fact that a guy can get very aroused thinking about being spanked, yet within seconds of the spanking starting lose all arousal and fervently hope the spanking will end soon. I know that’s true of me. I can be erect and breathing hard when I assume the position. In less than 30 seconds I’ll be soft and yelping loudly. That’s what amuses some women. I know full well how unpleasant I will be feeling, yet be stupid enough to be sexually aroused until a little while after the punishment begins.

Some women have written that this odd behavior of being sexually aroused about something that is absolutely no fun once it starts, is one of the principal keys to getting big, strong males like me to meekly expose our rears for a painful spanking.

I agree with this up to a point. In the beginning, for many months actually, it was this arousal that assured I would be exposed and ready when Mrs. Lion wanted to spank me. Now, it’s not that so much. It’s still exciting to think about being spanked. However, I don’t get pre-spanking erections anymore. Now, I meekly assume the position because I have to. I’ve been trained to obediently accept spankings when my lioness wishes to administer them. I can’t imagine myself doing otherwise.

I think that she is also conditioned. There is nothing special about disciplining me. It’s a necessary activity she performs with the same lack of ritual I’ve adopted. That’s not to say that she just swats away. From my perspective, it feels like she experiments with different geography, speed, and intensity. For example, I’ve noticed that she likes to spread my cheeks open and paddle inside the crack. She’s commented that my yelps change when she goes to work in that area. She’s learned how to distribute the wealth more evenly over my hind quarters. As she’s explained it to me, she looks to make my entire rear end a nice, even dark red color. I think she also likes to hear me yelp.



  1. Where did you find the heart shaped paddle? The closest I found on amazon were bamboo spoons. This might be just the thing to encourage my wife to try spanking me. Thanks

    1. Author

      You can find it here:Zebrawood paddle. I doubt that the paddle will be inspiration for her. You might want to consider asking her to try spanking you and if she agrees, show her what you got.

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