Everything Is Going to Be Okay

We were both really tired yesterday. Even people at work were falling asleep. We ate lunch together. It’s something we do almost every Friday. When I work a full week I have a half day on Friday and I grab fast food of some sort on the way home. Other times we have errands to run and we eat together then.

When I got home, the landlord’s family was there to get the rest of the wood from the tree that was taken down a month or so ago. We had errands to run but the driveway was now blocked. No matter. We have stacks of boxes of things Lion ordered. One of the boxes was Hello Fresh! so I had to get that in the fridge ASAP.

We ate lunch and then we opened all the boxes. Boxes in boxes. As the pile of empty boxes grew, I realized this is one of the reasons I get crazy on the weekends. There’s always a stack of empty boxes to take out to the recycle bin. I know one bin is almost full so that means Thursday will be a huge garbage day. And then I start thinking about all the other stuff that’s piled up during the week and I get frustrated. And sometimes Lion makes a comment about something that didn’t get done or that needs to be done. And that’s why Saturday’s post is always ARRRRRRRGH!

But not today. Since I had my eureka moment yesterday, and we calmly decided we were too tired to go out to run errands even after our driveway was blocked, we took a nap and went about our day. This morning the plan was to get out early and Lion was still sleeping until a little after 10. I had no idea what kind of night he’d had. He could have been itchy or just not sleeping and I decided it made little sense to wake him up. Things will get done when they get done.

Why am I so calm this weekend? I do not know. The thought just crossed my mind that maybe subconsciously I’ve given myself permission to whomp Lion for annoying me. I have no idea if that’s true. Please allow me to indulge myself by thinking it is true. Otherwise there may be an ARRRRRRRGH! moment in my future.


  1. I’m so glad you were able to let the “chores” go a little. Relaxation is important too. And whomp Lion whenever you need to. He’ll appreciate it—sort of! ?

    1. If Mrs. Lion retains her mood, I think we will have cleared another milestone. Yes, I will be spanked more often and probably more painfully, but that’s not the progress. Real progress is she has resolved to let me know how she feels when I do things she doesn’t like. I’ve hoped for this for a long time.

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