Spanking Works Even If It Makes You Orgasm


Even though the bedroom was cool, I had trouble getting to sleep. I ended up streaming old “Shark Tank” episodes until after 2 AM. I don’t understand why this is happening. As promised, Mrs. Lion offered to play on Wednesday night (“General Yuck“). I declined at first and then got on our new massage table so she could test the height adjustment. She played with my cock and balls for a while. It was nice, but I couldn’t get very aroused. She decided the table needed to be a bit higher. Maybe we will try again tonight.

I’m still unspanked. We are at 42 days. I think that’s a record. I’m doing my chores and not pissing off my lioness. There’s a good chance that she is disregarding behavior that deserves correction. This happens if my bottom stays lily white too long. I don’t think that I let things slip.

Some couples add rituals to their spankings. I’m pretty sure that the guys want them. The rituals I’ve read about provide a dose of sexy humiliation. I admit that idea turned me on for a while. After all, spanking is inherently humiliating. Mrs. Lion refused to add anything to our punishments. She was right. The entire point of spanking me is to let me know I did something I shouldn’t. It’s punishment. It isn’t a BDSM scene. When Mrs. Lion spanks me, she’s calm and purposeful. Her objective is to give me a painful lesson, not sexy time.

The idea of being spanked turns me on. I like thinking about it. I don’t like the actual event. I’m not unusual in this respect. A lot of people find spanking hot. The trick in domestic discipline is to make the punishment anything but arousing. That’s a big reason why rituals don’t work for us. I can get turned on thinking about being spanked all I want. Mrs. Lion knows that when she starts paddling me, I lose any sexual thoughts.

Some people get aroused during a spanking. Women are more likely to react this way. Their sexual nerve endings are located in places that get a sexy bump when their bottoms are hit. Very few men are that lucky. That doesn’t mean the spanking doesn’t hurt. I’ve spanked a few women to tears while they were having an orgasm. Talk about confusing sensations!

It doesn’t matter if they have an orgasm or not. Some part of their consciousness recognizes that they displeased their spankers. The spanking underlines that displeasure. Even though spanking is a turn-on, I don’t know any men or women who consciously try to provoke punishment. That’s important. No matter how sexual the experience is, the fact that it is punishment stays in the foreground.

blog housekeeping

My vision has deteriorated over the last few years. Modern website design calls for lower contrast on web pages. For example, some (most) forms use light grey boxes to designate where to add data. I can’t see them. I can read the caption of the field they want, but I can’t easily find where to enter the data.

Another big problem is how links are shown. I was guilty of committing this sin. Many sites offer links in different colored type. People like me (color-blind folks, too) can’t see the color change. I have to guess whether something is a link or not. The theme I use for this blog doesn’t offer the option to underline links. I asked them for help, and they sent me a little code that fixed the problem. It’s not a perfect fix, but it works.

The biggest issue is that people, most bloggers, for example, choose graphic setups that they think look contemporary. This “modern” style calls for grey type on a colored background. OK, pure black type on white can be a bit much. Dark grey is pretty (I use it here) and works for people like me.

Type size is another issue. The default type size for most themes is too small for modern browsers. As screen resolution has increased, the rendering of the type gets smaller. Here’s why. The pixel is the smallest unit of measurement. Traditionally, we specify the type by the height of a capital “M.” On low res monitors, the 12-pixel type is quite large. On my monitor, it is very hard to read. The type on this page is 23 pixels. I added extra space between lines. That also makes it easier for me to read.

Making changes like this isn’t hard. It may take some searching, but it can be done. Fortunately, browsers allow me to magnify type on websites that render too small for me to read. On most browsers, CTL + will enlarge the type. CTL – will make it smaller, and CTL 0 returns to the default size. Bloggers, please be considerate of people like me. Thank you for listening.