Happy Annie Very Sorry

Our wedding cake.

You know we’re both out of it when we don’t even remember it’s our anniversary after we’ve been going on and on about it. Last night I moved over to snuggle with Lion and soon I heard his little snores. I didn’t move so I wouldn’t wake him up and then I was snoozing right along with him. This morning we were both having trouble functioning. At the same time, we both had an aha moment and wished each other a happy anniversary.

It’s been a rough week. Lion has had doctors appointments. We’ve been dealing with the logistics of moving. The old landlord wants her realtor friend to inspect the house to see what needs to be done for the sale. We’ve been exhausted. It’s the perfect storm.

I did snap at Lion the other night about packing. He said I need to get moving and I told him I can’t be with him watching TV if I’m supposed to be packing somewhere else in the house. It’s stress. I just need to pack and be done with it. We’re both adults. We can make it through this.

As Lion has said in a few posts, we met online August 13. Three days later we met in person. Neither of us was looking for anything serious. Even after I moved in, we swore we didn’t want to get married. We were committed to each other. What difference would a piece of paper make? A few years later, Lion got a good job and wanted to put me on his insurance. He also wanted to make sure we’d each be able to have a say in the medical care of the other.

I had four days off from work. Lion said, “We should get married.” on Friday. (Isn’t he a smooth operator with such a romantic proposal?) We got the marriage license, but had to wait 24 hours to get married. Of course, no justice of the peace was open on the weekend so that meant Monday. I called around on Monday and found a JOP willing to marry us. We yanked the secretary out of her office to be our witness. With an ice cream cake for a wedding cake, we were all set. And we were back to work the next day.

I like to tease Lion about his “proposal” and the fact that we never really had a honeymoon. The truth is, any trip we’ve ever taken could count as our honeymoon. While I didn’t need to get married to know Lion is stuck with me, it’s wonderful to be married to him. I told Lion we should do fourteen more years together. I’m ready!

[Lion — Only 14 more years?]


  1. Mrs. Lion is a gem!

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