Happy to Be Stuck With Lion

Today, as Lion said in his post”Today Is Our 17th Anniversary“), is our 17th wedding anniversary. We got married after Lion’s amazing proposal. He said, “We should get married.” Swoon. What girl wouldn’t be swept off her feet by that? That was on Friday. We went to get our license and rings. At that time in New York, you had to wait 24 hours after you had your license. On Monday, we found a justice of the peace to marry us. We pulled a secretary out of her office to be our witness, got married, and picked up a Carvel ice cream cake on the way home. It was the best wedding ever. Work never should have given me an unsolicited four-day weekend.

I still tease Lion about his proposal. He was very matter-of-fact. He’d just gotten a job and wanted to put me on his insurance. He also wanted to make sure we were protected if anything happened to either one of us. It ensured we could visit each other in the hospital and make decisions about the other’s care if the need ever arose. It all makes perfect sense. I knew a couple who weren’t married who had a horrible accident. The woman was on life support for a long time when her family decided to move her closer to their home. Her boyfriend couldn’t do anything about it. He was not the next of kin.

However, that’s not the real reason we got married. We loved each other. Still do. We have our ups and downs. You’ve read about some of them here. Despite my aunt thinking her marriage was perfect, no one ever is. It’s normal to have issues along the way. It’s true we don’t have fights in the traditional sense. We don’t yell at each other. We don’t throw things. Lion tells me what I’m doing wrong, and I try to correct it. (*grin*) [Lion — Mrs. Lion not only tells me what I’m doing wrong; she spanks me.] It may take us a while to figure things out, but we get there eventually. And then we go off the rails again like any other couple.

The point is, we’re in this for the long haul. Disagreements aren’t going to break us up. We’re stuck with each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.