lion ready for handjob
Almost all of the time, my legs are spread wide as I wait for Mrs. Lion to use her hands to stimulate me.

We have a few “fans” who delight in telling us how sick and perverted we are. We never publish those comments.  I think it’s interesting that some people react so strongly to power exchanges like ours, that they can’t believe there is any possibility that Mrs. Lion isn’t a deranged sadist and I a spineless victim. These comments go on at great length about the evil that lives within our relationship.

I’m complemented that our writing inspires such passion. I’m perfectly happy to have readers who study our words to discover the depths of our depravity. One of them recently wrote that we write disparagingly about people who are “vanilla”. We were accused of insulting “normal” people who don’t share our interests. That’s a little puzzling. I don’t think we ever refer to vanilla sex except as a contrast to how we deviate from it. Actually, I’m not sure how our sex is any different from the way others do it.

There is one area of sex where we are different than many. Even though Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself, she makes sure the only sexual frustration I feel is what she intends me to feel. We have an active-if-one-way sexual relationship. There are very few days a year when I don’t get sexually stimulated by my lioness. Almost all of it is manual stimulation. When she intends to allow me to ejaculate, about 1/3 of the time uses her mouth. Almost all of the teasing and edging and two thirds of the orgasms are produced by her hands. My hands are never involved.

This is certainly not typical. I’m sure that the vast majority of men use their own hands to get off on a regular basis. If they say they have a good sex life with their wives, it almost certainly means they are having regular vaginal intercourse. That’s fine. I have nothing at all against vaginal intercourse. Since I’ve only had it twice in the last four years, I’ve clearly learned to enjoy the alternatives Mrs. Lion provides. I would have to say that at this point I absolutely prefer her hands and her mouth.

Thinking back, way back, to times before Mrs. Lion, I always preferred oral and manual orgasms. Obviously, I enjoyed the vaginal sort as well; I do have two kids. But, given a choice I would always opt for a blow job or a hand job. By the way, because vaginal penetration isn’t on the menu, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sexual variety. Admittedly, almost all of my sex takes place with me on my back, legs spread wide apart. I also like the “milking position”. For that, I’m on my knees legs apart, and Mrs. Lion is behind me holding my cock and balls out through my legs while she “milks” me. I guess that’s my version of doggy style.

For oral sex, the most comfortable position for both of us is with me on my back legs wide apart, generally knees bent with my feet flat on the bed. This gives her the easiest access to my penis, and if she’s in the mood, my anus for some nice stimulation. She can’t reach my anus if my legs are flat on the bed.

Very often, sexual activity begins with Mrs. Lion snuggled with her head on my chest. Her free hand finds its way between my legs and she plays with my balls and begins masturbating me. After a while, her usual habit is to sit up on the bed crossed-legged next to me. This is a comfortable position to give me a hand job. We haven’t tried it, but if I got into the “doggy” position crosswise on the bed, she could sit behind me to jerk me off.

Aside from great anal access, this position is one of my favorites. I call it the ‘milking” position

I don’t remember the last time I had an orgasm and I wasn’t on my back (See image top, right). I guess that’s another way we are sexually unusual. Many men have a harder time coming if they are on their backs. Some also need to have their legs together in order to come. I’m the opposite. I went browsing through our image library and nearly 100% of the pictures that feature my genitals, show me with my legs wide apart. I guess I’m trained to provide maximum access.

The most important takeaway from all this is that we are both happy with this state of affairs. Regardless of how we compare to other couples, we’ve discovered what works for us.

lion being paddled
Of everything we write about, this draws the most anger. Our moral critics condemn us for Mrs. Lion’s use of spanking to punish me.

The most controversial difference between us and many others is our use of discipline. I’m sure that a very large percentage of couples don’t share power equally. In many so-called vanilla relationships, the wife clearly takes charge. In our case, we made a conscious decision that Mrs. Lion should be in charge. For a lot of reasons which we’ve mentioned in the past, I asked Mrs. Lion to use physical punishment as needed to correct me. I’m not going to go  through the evolution of our spanking. Let’s just say that at this point I am painfully spanked when I break a rule or disobey Mrs. Lion.

This practice sets off our most strident detractors. I admit that it’s fairly unusual. But no matter how you feel about it, it’s fully consensual and we both believe that as our disciplinary relationship has evolved (Mrs. Lion has learned to become a stricter disciplinarian), the quality of our relationship continues to improve.

Yes, we are different. I don’t think we are very different. It doesn’t matter if we are or not. The fact is that in a couple of days we will celebrate our 14th anniversary. We can’t imagine not being with each other. We belong together. Despite what some may think, we are both committed to what we are doing and very glad it works for us.


  1. You can’t do anything about the haters. I am always amazed though when they take the time to spew their poison at you. I also delete those comments. I choose not to propagate hatred.

    1. Author

      When we get comments like that, I always think about the fact that these people have invested substantial time reading our blog and then writing long, convoluted attacks on our underlying beliefs. I think they become some of our most loyal readers. Cool!

      1. I remember a radio station saying that people who love Howard Stern listen to him a lot. But people who hated him would even listen for far more time. The radio station suggested that they hoped most of the listeners hated him. Perhaps something like that is happening for you Lion!

        1. Author

          I thought of the same quote. The people who hated him and liked him both gave as the reason they listen, “I want to hear what he says next.” Maybe our fans are the same.

  2. It takes all types to make a society I guess though why they choose to read then vent when they have the choice not too is beyond me. I for one thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I’m on hols at the moment sunning myself on a Greek island and catching up on articles I have missed due to overwork. Yamas .

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