Monday night brought sweet relief. We were both feeling good, and Mrs. Lion took advantage of it by giving me an intense oral orgasm. When she finished, I felt wonderful. Lingering pain just disappeared. My stomach was at peace, my legs weren’t sore, and I could breathe freely. Weird! When I told her, Mrs. Lion said that if she knew a blowjob could do that for me, she would have done it sooner. Whatever chemicals that orgasm released in my brain did wonders for me. Wow!

I’m still searching for new blogs to read. One that I found seemed promising. It was by a submissive woman who effusively talked about her love-centric relationship with her dominant partner. It sounded very promising until she revealed that she had never met her long-term lover in person. Nope, not going to be listed here.

Online relationships can be extremely dangerous. Even with Zoom and Skype, they represent idealized emotional connections. Without the flesh and blood contact, these relationships exist as shared fantasies. It doesn’t matter that the submissive follows orders and plugs her own butt or spanks herself with a wooden spoon; the lack of real contact makes it an interactive fantasy.

The biggest danger is that this sort of sharing is addictive. It’s like obsessive video game playing. I was surprised to find this blog. Online romance was pretty common twenty years ago. A lot of marriages were destroyed by online affairs. The written word is a very powerful aphrodisiac. When you combine the power of words with the immediacy of online communication, it’s easy to understand how otherwise-rational people destroy their real-life world in favor of the cyber.

When you add D/S to the mix, things get even more intense. In real life, it’s very common for submissive partners to want more and more control. They want those brain hormones churning. It’s normal but not healthy. That’s why so many  D/S-based relationships implode a year or two after they began. Couples with a real-life, vanilla relationship can successfully add D/S and manage any power exchange creep without losing the love.

You may wonder how I know this. Well, years before I met Mrs. Lion, I managed to get into a couple of intense online relationships. I was sucked into the emotional vortex they create. I met a couple of other women online who joined me in real life after we had gotten involved in cyberspace. I learned that the longer we spent in cyber mode, the less likely our real-life romance would work.

The reason was obvious. Even though we spent endless hours talking and writing, we only knew the mental picture we had created of each other. The reality was invariably disappointing. It wasn’t that she didn’t look the way I imagined. It was that we didn’t fit together the way I expected. Ten minutes in the same room is like a year of online chatting.

I met Mrs. Lion online via a dating site. I loved her picture, and our messages were sexy fun. I was determined to meet her in person before any strong mental pictures formed. We did and had sex on our first date. The online foreplay worked for both of us. I think we were both a little surprised at how well we fit together. We held back emotional connection and emphasized the physical. At least, that’s what we thought we were doing. After a few weeks, it got harder and harder to separate and go home.

I think that if we spent those weeks online instead of in person, we would probably form some strong emotional connections and built mental images of each other that we could never match in real life. Instead, we connected sexually, fulfilling a need that drove us to the dating site. I had no expectations of love and a lifelong partnership. I just wanted to get laid. So did Mrs. Lion. That’s what we did, and enjoyed it. We liked it enough to meet once or twice a week for more. It was big fun.

Love sneaked up on us. We had no expectations beyond getting off. It didn’t matter one bit. We fell in love effortlessly, silently, while we fucked. We didn’t negotiate or discuss wants and needs. We didn’t have any choice. We needed to be together. We still need that. It’s been twenty years and it’s just as strong. Go figure.

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