Foaming Bar of Yuck

Waxing seemed a little easier yesterday. I don’t think it had anything to do with leaving his legs hairy. There were only a few spots of stubborn hair that wouldn’t come out on the first or second try. Maybe that means the back side, which is generally less hairy, will be more difficult just to even things out.

Lion was watching TV when I was ready to punish him. I thought I’d be nice and allow him to sit on the welcome mat rather than having him sit on the punishment stool in the corner. I’ve done this before and my theory is that the welcome mat follows the contour of his butt and make more contact with the sore areas. However, because Lion opened his big mouth and said I wasn’t hitting harder or longer, I made sure I hit harder and longer. His cheeks were definitely red and the two little spots of blood spread even more redness. He was yelping from the very beginning.

Since I couldn’t have his bloody bottom on the welcome mat, I was forced to shove a bar of soap in his mouth. I found one of the bars Lion thinks are too small to be useful. I lathered it up, made sure I got soap all over the inside of his mouth and told him to bite down on the bar. I only made him hold it for five minutes because I’m too nice. When he was done rinsing his mouth out, he said the soap has almost no taste and I should think about getting a different kind. Silly me! I thought the fact that he had a foaming bar of yuck in his mouth was the horrible part. I didn’t realize it had to taste like pond scum too. I’ll have him pick out his own disgusting flavor when we go shopping later.

Yes, Lion keeps “helping” himself. I’m grateful when he tells me things aren’t going the way I planned, but sometimes I just have to shake my head. It seems counterintuitive. However, I guess 3.0 must really be here because 2.0 only took some of his suggestions. 3.0 sees them as a challenge. Oh yeah? I’m not hitting hard enough? Well, take that!

[Lion — We went shopping and bought Irish Spring soap. Yuck!]


    1. We bought some Irish Spring. Apparently it is not tasty at all! I’ll let you know soon enough.

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