Punishment for Both of Us

Maybe you can’t teach an old Lion new tricks. He completely forgot yesterday was punishment day. I thought of it in the afternoon and then forgot again. This morning he confessed. Who knows how long it would have taken me to remember. Maybe not till Saturday. I thought Saturday was difficult for him. Now he seems to be regressing. Five days of spanking along with corner time and/or mouth soaping might help. I’d say it couldn’t hurt, but that’s the whole point.

In exchange for my forgetting punishment day, I’ve sentenced myself to waxing his legs. I don’t like doing his legs. They’re more difficult and I like the way his legs look with hair better than without. I suppose that’s the opposite of how I should feel. The hair on the rest of his body (except his head) is not thick. His legs are pretty hairy. You’d think that would make me want to get rid of the hairiness. Actually I don’t care if he’s hairy anywhere. It’s Lion who prefers the clean look.

Lion has suggested using a larger bar of soap for mouth soaping than we’ve been using. Right now I’ve been collecting all the pieces he deems too small for the shower. I thought those were a good size to hold in his mouth. Not so. He says he should be able to bite down on the soap to hold it in place. So what do I do with all these tiny pieces of soap? Not to worry. I’m on the hunt for a small-bar-to-big-bar conversion method. I’ve already found a few good ideas.

By the time Lion is through with his spanking, corner time and mouth soaping, I expect him to remember punishment days for quite a while. He should at least remember Saturday and Monday since his punishment will encompass those days. If not, he’ll just keep getting days added on.


  1. Do i understand something wrong?

    A Mistress test Her submissive,… And the submissive forget.

    Normaly the slave get punished for that.

    But….. is this a good idea for You Mistress:

    Maybe you have soemthing on Your bucketlist for Your slave,… a new toy, a new whip, a new punsih furniture,..or,…(something)
    Mistress search a other Dom (Mistress?) who have that kind of equipment,…
    So Mistress can experience it,.. before it get used at your slave.

    Regards,.. (a Dutch SissyABY)

    1. Good work with the English. We don’t have a master/slave BDSM relationship. What we have is very different.

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