I Said So

Lion seems to be fighting a losing battle. At dinner last night he spilled food on his shirt. He’s already on the hook for five days of punishment including some corner time and mouth soaping. What’s he doing? Focus, Lion. Focus.

On the way home from dinner, he asked how many days of punishment were added for spilling. I proposed a trade. Erase my punishment of waxing his legs in exchange for no extra punishment for spilling food. He told me I don’t have to wax his legs. I know that. But I’d given myself a punishment and I will carry it out. He again told me I don’t have to wax his legs. I know. But I’m offering a trade. And, by the way, is he arguing with me? Take the trade you silly man. He said there’s no such thing as trading punishments. Really? Not even because I said so?

I know he’d rather have me be happy with the way his legs look, but I know he wants them hairless. It was the only thing I thought of that would get what he wants and punish myself. By trading, I thought it would erase his new punishment but still give him an element of punishment because he wouldn’t get his legs waxed. Win-win. Except, Lion doesn’t see it that way. He’d rather be spanked. Annoying.

When we got home I said I felt like I gained ten pounds from dinner. I was tired and didn’t want to move. I told him I was postponing punishment. He said okay but he thought I’d want to start. It was fine with him if I didn’t. Yes, I let him guilt me into swatting him. I’m sure it wasn’t long enough for Lion but they were hard swats and a lot of them. His buns were a little bloody because I used the tenderizer side on them for one round of swats.

This morning I’m feeling annoyed because he questioned my authority with the trade and then again when I wanted to postpone punishment for a day. Now he’s getting an extra two days of swats, with or without corner time and mouth soaping and he’s not getting his legs waxed. Win-lose. Sorry, Lion. You lose.


  1. I think he’ll like you putting your foot down! A great decision by you (in my humble opinion)!

    1. I do like it in many ways. It is what I want. It isn’t always easy to take though. I think it is real progress.

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