Where Does He Go?

The third time might be the charm in some cases, but not in the case of a Lion who can’t remember punishment day. He received his third night of swats last night and he’s due for some more. I haven’t decided how many more nights he can look forward to being face down on the bed. Or should I say ass up on the bed? Either way, you get the picture.

He took his punishment quietly. I don’t know if that means he’d resigned himself to the pain or if he was just in a wimpy mood the night before. I don’t think I hit any harder or softer. In both cases, he wound up with a red butt. There was a slight beginning of a blood spot but no blood was actually shed. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Had Lion been able to get to the edge the other night when I was sucking him, he would have had his orgasm then. Monday night I was just too tired, so his orgasm came last night. I don’t know if he was surprised by it or not. I edged him once and then took him over the top. He produced some creme filling but I had to squeeze him like a tube of toothpaste to get it out. As long as I get it, that’s all that matters to me.

Of course, an orgasm last night means no chance of one tonight. He’ll have to take his punishment without that thought enticing him. He can always think about how nice it felt last night. Or he can go wherever it is he goes when I’m whomping away on his cheeks. I’ve never asked what he thinks about. I guess I hope he thinks about what he did to deserve the punishment so he doesn’t do it again, but I doubt he does.

For the record, I wonder if I’m hitting him in the right spots and hard enough to make my point. I also wonder how many swats I’ll do before I’m done. I set out to make his cheeks rosy or red. Sometimes I’m looking for bruises, but I’m never looking for blood. That just happens sometimes. Blood, to me, is actually the enemy. It’s messy and gets all over the bed when Lion rolls over. But, as they say, shit happens and we deal with it.


  1. I wonder, do he forget or does he want more punishment? You can forget now & then but, he is forgetting too often. I think he wants more punishment.

  2. I’ve often wondered what Lion uses to take more pain – a mental exercise or a mantra maybe? I struggle with that sometimes, and find my ability to take punishment can vary widely. In my case, my owner enjoys and sometimes needs the cathartic release of hurting me. I feel terribly disappointed when I can’t take as much as she wants to give, despite her firm reassurance that it’s perfectly ok. Any tips or ideas are appreciated.

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