Lion asked me how long he’s been caged this last go-round. How should I know? He’s the one who keeps track of such things. He keeps track of his orgasms, but not the cage. I guessed that it was since his last orgasm. He says no. Okay, then I’m out. I don’t have any other guess. However, I just took a look at my previous posts and I said I was going to lock him up on July 7th. Six days is not a long time to be locked up. Maybe it just seems longer because he was wild for so long.

This morning we took my truck to get the oil changed. Thirteen quarts of oil! I know it’s a big truck, but wow! We ate lunch and decided to head home rather than going to Costco as planned. Lion’s tummy was a little off and we planned to change out the cage so he could test drive the new one anyway, so Costco will wait for tomorrow. The cage is easy to get on. The only problem I have is with the lock. It requires a bit of wiggling. No big deal.

I’m not sure how long Lion will keep the new cage on. It seems comfortable enough. He wants to take a shower with it on to see how easy it is to clean himself. Whenever he needs to take it off, I’ve decided he can be wild until we play later. By bedtime he’ll be back in the Cherry Keeper. And on to day seven.

I don’t know what Lion’s record is for wearing a cage. As I said, we don’t keep track of those things. I suspect it was at least a month. I may be wrong. I know his longest wait for an orgasm is 28 days. Wearing the cage is different. Obviously. Most nights he’s let out and we play. It’s not like he’s in the cage 24/7. I’m sure it would feel like an eternity if I left him caged for 28 straight days. I’m not even sure he’d care about playing at that point. It would take a lot of effort to get him unbroken. Let’s not try, shall we.

Lion has been a horny boy lately. I’ve been edging him a lot and leaving him very frustrated. I don’t know how long he’ll wait. I think, if I don’t mess things up, he’ll be waiting until Sunday, at least. If he makes it that far, is there any reason he can’t make it till Monday? Tuesday? Next Sunday? Of course there’s no reason. Well, I’m the wildcard. If I don’t go too far, he’ll have no trouble making it. We’ll have to see how far I can push him without pushing my own luck too far.


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    Yes, but I’m starting to think it’s more oil than engine

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