Spanked as Promised

new spanking positionI got Lion fairly bloody with yesterday’s spanking. I chose the lighter tenderizer and the pointy side really cuts in. I even splattered blood a few times. The only problem is that my paddle is now stained. I tried cleaning it with alcohol but it didn’t work very well. I guess once I draw blood I have to stop using that paddle. Or keep using it and just gain more blood as a reminder that I’m a very mean spanker.

I’ve started spanking a bit further down Lion’s legs too. I know he’s told me it’s safe to hit upper thighs but I haven’t done it before. Actually, I’ve done it by mistake and he’s given me credit for doing it on purpose. Either way, I’m a little braver now so I’m venturing south. I’m not sure if it’s safe to make the thighs bloody but I don’t think I want to anyway.

It’s not like I start out trying to make Lion bleed. I’m looking for rosy cheeks. And if bruises happen, that’s a bonus. I don’t see blood as a bonus. Sure, it means I’ve hit hard, but Lion’s skin is so sensitive sometimes brushing against a wall makes him bleed. Blood is just something to be conscious of and make sure there isn’t too much.

After I cleaned the excess blood off Lion, I put a towel down on the bed. He wasn’t bleeding badly but I wanted to make sure he didn’t get any on the comforter. When he moved the towel out from under him, he said it needed to be spot-treated. I wonder if he thinks we won’t need the towel again. He has more spankings to come. We’d better keep that towel handy.

Lion said he was horny after his spanking, but then he dozed off and it wasn’t till latet that I tried to play with him. It didn’t really work. I didn’t think it would so late. We’ll have to try earlier tonight. Maybe an earlier spanking too. We have three days left of our long weekend. We have to make it count.

[Lion — Actually, the spanking wasn’t a cruel bloodbath. The pointy side of the tenderizer paddle tends to either create small dot-shaped bruises or break the skin. For some very ironic reason, it’s difficult to bruise my bottom but very easy to draw blood. The blood doesn’t signify I got a severe beating. Almost any paddle will produce it. In fact, I don’t have any sore spots today, the day after. Click here to see the aftermath of my spanking.]