Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Erworried lion(Noon, July 4) So far it’s been a quiet day here in the Lions’ den. The dog woke us up at 8 AM. After lounging for a while Mrs. Lion served us breakfast in bed. We then watched a couple of quiz shows on TV then got up to take care of our morning chores. So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t made any comment about spanking me. I remain wild with my Cherry Keeper cage and my Jail Bird on my nightstand. I’m not complaining. It’s fun being a wild lion at least for a while.

Mrs. Lion and I are taking today (Friday) off so we can have a nice, long weekend. I have some work to do, but I can handle that while Mrs. Lion enjoys some alone time. Even though it’s been only three days since my last orgasm, I’m feeling frisky and horny. Thursday is punishment day and I remembered to remind Mrs. Lion first thing in the morning. Maybe I should have kept quiet. No, I shouldn’t have. If I did, it would be the third time in as many weeks I’ve failed to tell her of a punishment day. I’m sure the third offense would earn me a lot more punishment than I want. Also, it would be dishonest.

Mrs. Lion had to leave work early on Wednesday so she could drive me to doctors’ appointments. I’m having some trouble with my eyes and nearly every week I have to see one or two ophthalmologists. This is costing her work hours that she needs. I feel badly about that, but I can’t drive myself right now.

Both of us are naked. I am because it’s a rule. She is perhaps because I am. During the day, I often wear a T-shirt because it’s a bit chilly. The only time anything is covered the lower part of my body in the last week was when we went to the city for my doctors appointments on Wednesday. You can safely assume that my ass is bare every time I write a post or answer a comment. I’m not sure that makes any difference to you. Consider it a fun fact.

One of the most significant ways that Mrs. Lion and I are different from one another is that I am a planner and she likes to do things spontaneously. Over the years we’ve been together, we’ve adapted to each other and this seemingly large difference rarely causes any friction. The only notable exception is when I anticipate a spanking or play and Mrs. Lion appears to make no move to execute it. She is likely to have forgotten that she wanted to do it in the first place. I hate to remind her because very often it feels like I’m nagging her.

Maybe we need to have a “meeting” and create a list of what we agree we will do. That will certainly make things easier for me and spare her my anxiety. Topics like when we will play or a punishment will be administered, when I might get locked back up in a chastity device, things like that could be determined at the meeting. I know that in the past, Mrs. Lion would put indications of her plans in her posts. She stopped doing that when she realized that I would be disappointed if she didn’t get around to doing what she wrote she planned to do. By under promising, she doesn’t have to worry about disappointing me. While that’s true, I’m left anxiously worrying about when something we discussed might happen.

This gets magnified by my lack of human contact. Since I’m housebound, I have a lot of time to think about potential fun and worry that I may have misunderstood Mrs. Lion’s intentions. I think that if we are both very explicit and realistic, we can eliminate that source of tension.

This isn’t unique to us. In virtually any power exchange, the submissive member is expected to simply wait to see what his dominant partner does. Human nature being what it is, it’s impossible for that submissive guy to have no expectations. While in theory, he should just patiently wait and be grateful for what he gets, a much better bond will form if there is a clear understanding of what’s coming next. That doesn’t mean that if, for example, Mrs. Lion promises to put clothespins on my balls, and then finds herself exhausted after work, that she can’t change the plan.

Tender9zer paddle on lion's butt
Tenderizer paddle

What it means is that at the least, she owes an early warning to me that what I anticipated isn’t going to happen when she expected to do it. For me, it’s the waiting for something that never happens that hurts the most. If she informs me of the change as early as she can, then I won’t be waiting. I may be a little disappointed, but that’s considerably easier to handle than waiting for something that never comes.

(6 PM) Mrs. Lion gave me my requested spanking. She chose one of our two tenderizer paddles. She was as good as her word. She used both sides of the paddle. You can see the red spots on my butt where she used the pointy side. I won’t say that I should have been careful about what I asked for, I got exactly what I wanted. She is silent about whether this is the only spanking I will receive this weekend. My guess is that it isn’t.