Get Together

lion watchI was tired yesterday. Judging from his snoozing while watching television, Lion was tired too. When Lion woke up, he asked if I wanted to snuggle. He then asked if there was a reason for the second night in a row of platonic snuggling. I said I was tired, but I set about playing with my weenie. I don’t know if Lion wasn’t really interested or if I actually kept dozing off, but we didn’t get very far. We’ll do better over the next four days. I promise.

Lion says he was joking when he was happy to be spanked for four days. He might have been, but I also know he’d love it if it happened. He might not like it so much if I make him bloody. Nah. He would.

In a post a few days ago, Lion said punishment and play spankings are the same. He also said he thinks I haven’t been hitting as hard during punishments. First things first: During a play spanking, I start off with my hands. I take time to run my hands and fingernails across his rosy cheeks. I even kiss those rosy cheeks. And I have also been known to bite them. I do not do those things when I punish him. Play spankings are more intimate. The only time I touch his cheeks with my hands during punishment is when I’m inspecting for bruises or checking to make sure he’s not bleeding too much.

Secondly, I thought I was hitting harder than ever during punishment spankings. I’ve drawn more blood. Maybe I haven’t bruised him too much, but I thought I was meaner. It’s times like these that I think we need a spanking machine. I’d set it to turbo and let ‘er rip. Not hitting as hard. Geez! What’s a girl gotta do? Apparently I need to start working out. Do you think it’s too much to ask a personal trainer what muscles I need to improve for spanking?

As I went off to write my post, Lion asked if we were going to “get together” today. Presumably because I didn’t spank him last night, that means he’s behind. (No pun intended.) I’m not sure if he’s asking so he can take a boner pill or he’s just trying to steel himself for a beating. Either way, it’s early. In the past, Lion has said he’s not a morning person when it comes to sex. I wonder if that goes for punishment too. Would he get excited knowing a spanking was coming at 9 a.m.? I know I’m not excited by that prospect but if he’s really not excited by it then it might be worth it. Set the alarm for 4 a.m. and we’d have trouble.

Rest assured, Lion will see some action today. When? How about now? Now? Maybe now. Relax, my pet. It will happen.