Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!

Every so often, in the middle of the night I lose patience with my role as a caged male. Tuesday night was quite warm for the Pacific Northwest. Our central air conditioning isn’t working, and we are waiting for a service call. It was 80° in the bedroom and we were both trying to get to sleep on top of the covers. It wasn’t that the chastity device was bothering me. It’s made of very light plastic. Nevertheless, I was aware of it being there and for no good reason I was annoyed that I couldn’t touch my penis.

It wasn’t that I felt any particular interest in playing with myself. I just wanted access. I was horny earlier in the evening. I waited till after 10 PM before asking Mrs. Lion if she planned to snuggle with me. She replied, “okay.” It wasn’t a very enthusiastic response. She moved over and we snuggled platonically for a while. She moved away apologizing that she was just too hot to stay that close. I agreed. It really was hot.

I asked why she didn’t unlock me? She said that we were busy watching television. It was that old stochastic situation: only one activity at any given point in time. This is a common situation for us. I can’t really complain because it’s true that we were both having a very good time watching some of our favorite shows. Nevertheless I was a little sad that I didn’t get a chance to get hard and edged.

I’m sure that the heat and discomfort while trying to get to sleep was making me grumpy. Normally, I get a sense of security when I become aware that Mrs. Lion has locked her penis away. I know that other guys get grumpy after several days of waiting for their next orgasm. I’ve never noticed that in myself. I’m very sure that my mood wouldn’t improve if I were wild. What can I say?

drifting urethra in new chastity device My urethra has drifted north in the custom Cherry Keeper chastity device. I think it’s moved far enough to cause a messy spray. Also note the skin overflowing the back of the cage. My next version of the custom Cherry Keeper has a guard behind the cage to prevent this.
(Click image to view larger)

Meanwhile, I’m experiencing a slight alignment issue with my custom Cherry Keeper. My urethra is moving higher in the opening provided for it. You can also see skin pushing out from the side of the cage. The next version of my custom cage has a guard that keeps the skin away from inquiring fingers.

It’s frustrating that there is no reliable way to lock the urethra in position. The penis is just too malleable. Still, this is a lot better than any other cage I have. It remains completely comfortable to wear. Most of the time I forget that it’s locked on.

I’m sure that I’m terrible company. There’s nothing worse than a sleep-deprived, horny lion; especially one in an un-air-conditioned enclosure. Speaking of that, I think I feel a bit of a cool breeze from the AC. Maybe it’s decided to work for a little while. Nope. Just wishful thinking.


  1. There are quite a few devices now that make use of a P.A. piercing, besides the Lori tube I believe you’ve mentioned in the past. (She has expanded her line as well to include some that aren’t so heavy.) I understand that you don’t feel the need for the additional security a piercing provides, but another benefit is that the urethra (technically, the meatus) is always exactly where it’s supposed to be. Perhaps you could consider resurrecting yours…

    1. Author

      I don’t think I will get pierced again. I’m just not motivated to go through the healing process once more.

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